Monday, September 03, 2007

Here Comes Duke!!!

While we await Undude to work out some glitches, I am going to whet your appetites with the introduction of your 2007 Duke football squad at Wally Wade on Saturday. I believe Airborne lead 14-11 at the half, and I'm not quite sure whether the second half way played. I'll just assume that it wasn't.


Head Dude said...

I know this will draw the boos, but I thought it was funny -- some games get B-2 fighter jets before kickoff, we get two helicopters!

And what to make of this quote? Since Duke was 4-4 and starting a second overtime against Vandy in '98, what things have been normally done at Duke?

"We weren't playing like the team we were capable of playing like," linebacker Charles Robinson said. "We weren't doing the things that we normally do as Duke. This wasn't Duke football today."

ThadisRad said...

Umm dude, you weren't there. The helicopters were inspiring.

But yes, the Robinson quote is rather suspicious, especially considering every story on the game played the "same old story" angle and headline.

I also think we must be four of only 15 people in the world who can look at that Vandy game as the turning point in the Duke football program.

Head Dude said...

And perhaps 4 of only 11 people who remember that it was followed by Bobby Campbell's infamous 7-int clunker against Maryland.