Sunday, September 23, 2007

If You Would Have Told Me Before the Navy Game...

...that Eron Riley would have six catches for 235 yards and four touchdowns, and that Thad would throw for over 400 yards and account for five touchdowns, I would have assumed we won.

Um, but obviously we didn't. Did anyone from DudeSpin see or hear the game?


Head Dude said...

Other than another missed extra point and field goal, which finally led to a change in kicker, it looks like the game came down to this:

With the score knotted at 43, Duke saw its chance to win evaporate on three plays.

After Jabari Marshall's fumble on the kickoff was overturned by ACC replay officials with 3:49 left in the game, Duke's Lewis threw deep to receiver Jomar Wright. He caught the ball and had room to run for the score but Riley grabbed a Navy defender trying to block downfield. Riley was called for holding; it negated the go-ahead touchdown.

Two plays later, on third-and-11 from the Navy 42, Lewis found receiver Raphael Chestnut for a first down on a seam route but tackle Bryan Morgan was called for holding with just over a minute to play.

Facing third-and-21 from the Duke 48, Duke took one last long shot down the field. Lewis was looking at Riley, who tried to come back for the ball. Riley would later say he thought a Navy player had grabbed him but no flag was thrown.

The Dude said...

I watched the game and will have more to say Monday in the Flight Log. But Thad played his heart out. The holding penalties on the last drive was killer; and so was the defense unable to adjust to Navy's backup QB, who kept the ball on the option a lot more than the starter.

ThadisRad said...

They should be a .500 club right now. Simply soul crushing. Head dude's comments sum up the key moments. Roof was upset in post-game quotes about the calls, but in fairness, our first touchdown was rather dubious (I was able to see that one before CSTV went crazy and I switched to radio).

In the first quarter, we played the option well. They beat us in the air, but I thought we were covering the run pretty well (especially compared to last year's debacle). Obviously that changed as the game progressed, and the defense could not get a stop. It seemed like Navy converted on every third down.

And then on that last Navy drive, it began with a 35-yard draw play which is never a good sign that you're going to win a football game.

The one silver lining is that the ThadisRad Heisman campaign in 2009 is gaining momentum at a blazing pace.

Oh, and it seems like Joe Surgan might have finally lost his job. Of course, his replacement missed an easy field goal too, but did nail his extra point attempt, which is nice.

The Dude said...

Well Undude, perhaps if you weren't stealing cable, perhaps your signal wouldn't have gone haywire.

ThadisRad said...

Umm Dude, stealing cable has nothing to do with the internet which I pay for legally.

And if Time Warner is reading this, I pay for cable, too.