Saturday, September 08, 2007

No Joy in Hoo-ville

The next time I chant "Joe Must Go," I won't be talking about Alleva.

As I told Big Daddy last weekend, other than the shadow of Sims Lenhardt, why wouldn't the top high school kickers want to come to Duke for free? Why is this seemingly always an issue? Next year we have Zack Asack's little brother as a kicking recruit, so here's hoping...

A lot of missed opportunities for the Devils. Again.


The Dude said...

I gave in dudes; I took off work to go home, eat lunch, and watch the Tivo'd Airborne game. Why is it so doggone difficult to pick Airborne games correctly?

Asack looked decent in the one series he was in, made a nice throw that could've been caught for a touchdown by a decent receiver. Lewis looked hesitant at times, I'm almost tempted to endorse the Cheater as next week's starting QB.

More Monday on the Flight Log.

Head Dude said...

Undude's right, if there's one thing we should and used to excel in, it's kicking. Missing three of four field goals in what looks to have been a winnable game is disastrous.
But at least this made for Duke's annual moral victory.
We'll be ready for Northwestern!
I'm unfortunately with the Dude -- perhaps it's time to give Asack a shot.