Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pilot Notes: Former Airborne Coach in the Cross-Hairs

So what does a football coach at Lenoir-Rhyne have to do get in the New York Times? I would have thought that would require the coach to have OJ'd two people, but apparently, all that person - former Airborne coach Fred Goldsmith - needs to do is to play giant-slayers Appalachian State the week after the Mountaineers took down Michigan!! Yep. Fred Goldsmith made an unexpected appearance on the NY Times website today. Among the more controversial statements? Goldsmith is confident that App. State would beat Airborne. Fred - those are fighting words!!

On the actual Airborne front: the arrestee Michael Tauiliili will return to his starting spot at linebacker this week; no word on whether the Cheater will start at QB over Thad Lewis; and the Chronicle continues a familiar refrain - calling for the firing of Coach Ted Roof. Join us Friday for a preview of Airborne next's mission in Charlottesville!


HD said...

Say what you will about Fred's offenses, but I don't think his defense would've given up 34 points to UConn in a half.

SportsBizPro said...

Are you heading up to Charlottesville for the game?

The Dude said...


Unfortunately, while I can't speak for the other DudeSpin contributors, I won't be able to make it up to Charlottesville. Nevertheless, I will be watching the game via ESPN GamePlan to bring DudeSpin readers the latest and greatest in Airborne!

Thad is Rad said...

I will say that Saturday's game featured many "Ghost of Goldsmith" memories. We ran several successful wide receiver screens, a Zack Asack QB quick kick, and several unsuccessful 2nd-and-long draws.

HD said...

But that's what was fun about Fred's teams -- in the games we lost bad, at least we kept trying hair-brained things like the third-and-20 draw play, or the third-and-20 quick kick, or the third-and-20 QB sneak. With Fred, you almost looked forward to third-and-20 to see what would happen next!
The last few years, it's just been a regular beating but without any fun.

SportsBizPro said...

The game is being regionally televised and is on TWC channel 12.

Anonymous said...

Goldsmith has sashayed his way from the NYTimes to the Detroit Free Press

A little excerpt from the article.
“They have great speed. Edwards did the same things to Michigan that Troy Smith (of Ohio State) did last year, and (Smith) won the Heisman Trophy,” Goldsmith says. “Appalachian State is better than five or six teams in the Big Ten, and they’re better than five or six in the ACC, too.”

Surely he would not include his former school in those five or six teams? Would he????

Big Daddy

HD said...

Let's just say Fred wouldn't be likely to follow Spurrier's lead and vote Duke into the Top-25 every August. At least so long as Alleva's around.