Sunday, September 16, 2007


"Today we made one more play than Northwestern did, and it felt better than making one less play." - Ted Roof

"It is an adrenaline rush. You come out here and you play hard, and your defense plays hard for four quarters, so to see the clock go to 0:00 and you are the winners is a great feeling.... I feel very good about this, and I’m going to enjoy the moment. I want there to be many more, so I’m going to get ready and get focused on Navy." - Thad Lewis


Head Dude said...

You see the student who got hit by the falling goalpost?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw the Chapel!?!?!
I feel bad but what a picture that would have been. The goalposts set up right beside/outside the Duke Chapel.

Big Daddy

ThadisRad said...

I can only assume that the dude and the franchise were both also injured in on-campus celebrations. How else to explain their absence from this blog at such an exciting time?

Anonymous said...

Where have you gone Dude and Franchise/
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you/
What's that you say Mrs Robinson/
Dude and Franchise has left and gone away?/
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

I can't agree more. I've have been doing my best to serve as a poor poor substitute but nothing is as good as the originals.
COME BACK!!! So that I may rest and order can be restored.

Big Daddy

Head Dude said...

I think they're too busy worrying about their 159 fantasy football teams and ignoring the one fantasy that now gives us hope - a Duke bowl game.
Let's just say the line is clearly being drawn between those who back Duke, and those who already chose to back off.

The Dude said...

Dudes, I've been in San Diego on vacation. Rest assured that Flight Log will return on Monday - though I must thank head dude, the undude, and big daddy for filling in admirably during this time of elation!

The Franchise said...

I take offense to those cracks! I'll have you know that HP is still open on the weekends in September, and I just put in two long internet-free days!

That being said, who thinks we'll be favored at Notre Dame?