Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Dude said...

Bob Eucker is the reason why the Indians' are the Dallas Cowboys of baseball - America's Team!!!

In case there's any confusion (and it appears there is), the following is a quick reader's guide to my favorite teams in each category of sport:

NBA: 1. Rockets; 2. Warriors
MLB: 1. Astros; 2. Whoever is playing Boston, New York, and the Cubs
NFL: 1. My Fantasy Team; 2. Texans
College Football: 1. Duke; 2. Notre Dame
College Hoops: 1.the Journey; 2. the Vision

Head Dude said...

Wait, wait, wait...questions abound. You hate the Cubs? I don't care for them much after our afternoon with JR out in the bleachers, but I wouldn't mind seeing them win at some point. And you like Notre Dame? Dude, they're all that's wrong with the professionalization of college sports. I should hope that in a month, they'll be #1 on your list of most hated college teams.

ThadisRad said...

This is classless.