Thursday, October 18, 2007

Booooooooooooooo Obama!

A string of emails I've received in the last two days have convinced me to unsubscribe from the Obama email list serve. I had already shifted fairly comfortably to the Hillary camp a month or so ago, but now that he's decided to attack Hillary head on, it's coming up short. Email 1 is lame because the numbers show Hillary actually has gotten contributions from as many individuals, and Email 2 is lame because Hillary hasn't even hinted at being the presumptive nominee, but Obama's trying to put those words in her mouth. Booooooooo.

Email 1:
They asked me to send this note to you because I just made my first donation to the Obama campaign.
I read Barack's message about closing the gap and made up my mind to give because I believe we have to participate in the political process again. That's what this campaign is about -- regular people getting involved.
I want to see a change in politics. Barack's refusal to accept money from Washington lobbyist bigwigs appeals to me. It shows that he wants to make decisions with ordinary people in mind.
But it also means he is relying on people like us to close the gap with Hillary Clinton.
Please make a $25 donation now:
Thank you,
Kristina WhitakerLeawood, Kansas

Email 2:
I'm leaving the Tonight Show studio and I wanted to share something.
Jay Leno just asked if it bothers me that some of the Washington pundits are declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of this election before a single vote has been cast.
I'll tell you what I told him: Hillary is not the first politician in Washington to declare "Mission Accomplished" a little too soon.
We started this week $2.1 million behind the Clinton campaign -- a lead they built in large part with contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs.
We don't accept money from federal lobbyists or PACs. But we've already cut that advantage in half with small donations from people like you.
Let's close the rest of that gap now. Please make a donation of $25:
Thank you,


The Dude said...

When did Head Dude become Republican Dude?

Head Dude said...

Well Dude, your response seems to mirror the rhetoric we've heard from Obama and Edwards lately.

The Dude said...

Why don't you start doing phone banking for Romney?

Head Dude said...

Dude, Mike Gravel called. He wants his shirt back.