Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dude Committee Hall of Fame Inductee: A.J. Carr

Amid the bluster of AP's David Droschak, the outsized presence of Al Featherston, and the general buffonery of Chronicle writers, there was one quiet presence that demanded everyone's respect during our time - the wise News and Observer's former Duke beatwriter A.J. Carr.

When the dudes needed a wise reporter to chat with about a particular topic, or just someone to share in the amusement of a certain situation, A.J. was always there, providing the comradery, advice, and laughter that you'd expect from the irreplaceable A.J. Carr.

Although A.J. has sinced moved on to the NC State and the Durham Bulls beat, the Dudes will always remember A.J.'s calming presence in the Wally Wade and Cameron press areas. A.J., we know you're busy tracking down the evils of flaxseed oil these days, but we wanted to take at least a moment to honor you as an inaugural inductee into the Dude Committee Hall of Fame.

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HD said...

My two favorite memories of A.J.: One, traveling to the Maui Invitational in November '97 and sitting across the aisle from AJ and his wife on the flight, sharing a van on the 45-minute ride to the hotel, and then sharing a luau together at the team hotel. Two, giving him a fist bump before every game during the '99 Tournament, up through the national championship. Not sure if that was good luck or not.
But they don't make them any better than AJ.