Friday, October 05, 2007

Flight Plan: Lewis Nears Legend

Prior to last season's game against Wake Forest, Thad Lewis's stomach was a verifiable butterfly colony as the freshman awaited his first career start as Airborne's QB (mind you, Lewis would throw for over 300 yards in that start).

Just one year later, Lewis is fluttering toward history.

With only 212 yards through the air in tomorrow's noon kickoff against the Demon Deacons, Lewis will surpass Airborne legend Spencer Romine in career passing yardage. Suffice it to say, such an honor would leave anyone awed.

"I grew up with a poster of Spencer Romine on my bedroom door," Lewis would probably say if DudeSpin interviewed him. "As a kid growing up in Miami, my friends in the neighborhood all had Dan Marino or Jay Fiedler posters - not me, Duke's No. 14 was on my door, poised to fire a rocket into the arms of Richmond Flowers, thank you Jesus."

And probably sometime during the second half Saturday afternoon, Lewis will surpass his childhood hero with a flick of the wrist that's becoming familiar to Airborne fans everywhere. A flick of the wrist that will surely adorn the walls of the next generation of Airborne signal callers.

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