Monday, October 15, 2007

The Lane Report

This week's Wade Report is renamed after Virginia Tech's stadium, as the Hokies essentially played a home game in Durham. The crowd was orange and purple from the start, and as Duke fans soon fled for the exits, things only got worse.

This is a game where there were no positives. After scoring to cut the lead to 13-7, Duke fell apart, simply outmatched by a much better football team. They got a pick off of the 3rd string QB, but that's the only positive over a two hour stretch in the middle of the game. It was homecoming weekend, alums were outnumbered and disappointed, and it was the type of game where it took a lot of will power to not leave early.

This is not me backing off. This is just a report of the game. I'll be back Nov. 3 when we beat Clemson.

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Head Dude said...

Worry not Undude, you'll never be accused of backing off -- we ask only for the unvarnished truth. Compare that picture of the Wade to the picture of the Wade with Fred at the helm. What is now orange and purple was once royal blue.