Friday, November 30, 2007

Bryant Gumbel + NFL Network = High School Football Quality Coverage

I assume not everyone saw the NFL Network spectacular last night, but if you did, I think it can best be summed up by a co-worker who said on the elevator this morning -- "I really missed the national network -- the local station doing the game was pretty bad." Which was an insult to the local station. Among the highlights:

1) Bryant Gumbel pretending this was the PGA's Phoenix Open, and calling the game with similar excitement. I didn't think Anthony Fasano had caught the first touchdown because Gumbel announced it like a PBS Nova special. And perhaps it was made worse by the fact the broadcast chose to entirely block out what was described as the loudest crowd noise in Texas Stadium in 12 years. I don't say this as a homer, I say it as someone who enjoys hearing the crowd because it adds excitement.

2) Gumbel's referring to Romo as "Rick Romo".

3) NFL Network advertising several times for the Indianapolis/Atlanta game ... which was played a week ago.

4) The camera shaking like a Woody Allen movie during sideline takes with Deion Sanders.

5) Deion not having his mic on the first time, and then the vision of his production woman running around trying to hide behind him the second time.

If you saw it, you know there are plenty more examples. Let's just say it wasn't the best enticement for TimeWarner and Comcast to pay for TV rights -- midway thru the second quarter, I switched over to the local radio broadcast, and even though it was 2 seconds behind, was much more satisfied.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fred Weighs In...

No offense to DudeSpin bloggers and their analysis of the Duke football coaching vacancy, but we need to hear from someone who has been in the trenches. Hell, this man practically invented the trenches. Fred Goldsmith shared his thoughts on Duke's woes with the News and Observer.

But he's not the only former coach making headlines. Steve Spurrier was seen on campus today shaking hands with Broadway Joe.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Who's Got Next?

As we mourn the end of the Roof era, we must bravely look ahead. Here are some early lists of potential replacements, with a few names that seem a little out there.

News & Observer



The Day You Knew Was Coming...

Even though some of us were hoping it wouldn't.

ESPN and the AP are reporting that as of 2 pm, Ted Roof will no longer be coaching Duke football. It's pretty amazing when you read the stats even though we all know them: three consecutive winless ACC seasons, a 22-game losing streak followed by a nine-game skid after the win at Northwestern.

Hopefully Roof will get another chance to coach somewhere, but let's face it: it's going to take a long time to even get his career coaching record back to .500 after going 6-45 with the Blue Devils.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Guess We Now Know

Three missed field goals can overcome an advantage of: outgaining the opponent in total yards by a third, outpassing them 3-to-1, winning the turnover battle 2-0, and winning the possession battle by close to 13 minutes.

I thought the biggest failure was getting the ball at UNC's 35 up 14-7, going three and out, and then giving UNC the ball back at its 28 with plenty of time left in the fourth quarter. We had all the momentum in the world, and I liked the first deep ball attempt to Riley, but that could've finished off the game.

In the end, not being able to recruit someone who can kick a 40 yard field goal at least one out of three times is perhaps another reason why the Roof era is likely over.

Where have you gone Sims?

Another heartbreaking loss; Another loss that could have been prevented by decent FG kicking. 3 missed FGs, including a potential 41-yd game winner at the end of regulation

As one Duke coach leaves, can Roof be next?

Yesterday the Duke sports community bid a fond farewell to John Rennie, who ended his long soccer coaching career with a 1-0 playoff loss. And while the Dudes are unlikely to shed many tears over that one, rumors are swirling around the future of Ted Roof.

WRAL reports that Duke is going to launch a massive change to "everything" associated with how they do football (including admissions), and that means saying goodbye to Roof, and presumably his rough riders.

Of course, as the news and observer notes, Duke tried a similar "relaunch of everything" back in 2003, and well, that hasn't quite worked out.

Personally, this dude would like to see Roof get 2008, but I don't anticipate a massive turnaround. But we all know what happened when they fired Goldsmith one year too early.

Perhaps a Victory Bell can change his destiny...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ring Around the Yao

Yao may be tall, but a Great Wall he is not. Devin Harris' driving layup around Yao, and foul shot, with 34 seconds left gave the Mavericks their first lead of the second half, and had them on their way to handing Houston a pair of 5s -- 5 straight losses on the season and 5 straight losses to the Mavs. We'll see what Round 3 brings next month!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Dynamo Dynasty!

It may not have been on everyone's radar, but congratulations to the Houston Dynamo for taking down the Revolution of New England and showing that Boston better think twice about adding any more titles alongside the Red Sox crown. Houston, we have a championship!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

In South Bend!!

A live post at 6 00 in the morning from a darkened hotel room in Gary, IN. We're about 7.5 hours from kick off but we couldn't be more excited. We're desperately hoping someone will Tivo it and burn it on a DVD since a Duke appearance on National TV is about as rare as a Franchise appearance at a DudeMania!

Further updates as the day progresses.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What the Heck is That, Dude?

If the Notre Dame fight song is getting you pumped up, then clearly someone has BACKED OFF at just the wrong time. All I need to do is look at this helmet, and it gives me all the motivation I need.

Get Pumped Up!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Duke Super Bowl

A very dude website offers up coverage of the showdown.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Congratulations Undude!

2006-07 DudeSpin Hightlight of the Year!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Borat on the Democratic Primary

“I cannot believe that it possible a woman can become Premier of US and A - in Kazakhstan, we say that to give a woman power, is like to give a monkey a gun - very dangerous. We do not give monkeys guns any more in Kazakhstan ever since the Astana Zoo massacre of 2003 when Torkin the orang-utan shoot 17 schoolchildrens. I personal would like the basketball player, Barak Obamas to be Premier.”

America's Greatest!

Now America's all-time leading scorer, captain of Team USA, and sure to be a first-ballot Dude Committee Hall of Famer.
All together now...


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Have Liftoff!

Nice to have a good early-season game to get the NBA season off and running. When you're missing your starting point guard, you never expect to put up 107 points against a Jeff Van Gundy defense. But against Rick Adelman? No surprise there. I saw an interesting statistic in the Dallas paper yesterday that the Mavs are much better when McGrady is Houston's leading scorer than when Yao is, and I guess that logic was carried out again. Round 1 goes to Dallas!

Monday, November 05, 2007

What You Won't See When Duke Takes on Notre Dame...

... is many people running the ball for big gains, apparently. Even after racking up 200-plus yards on the ground in the triple-OT loss to Navy, Notre Dame just barely moved out of last place in the nation in rushing, still averaging less than 60 yards per game.

The new last-place team? Why, our very own Blue Devils, of course!

Paging Adrian Peterson...

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Wade Report

At the one year anniversary of DudeSpin, the site has hit a low point. Last week the World Series divided the dudes, created bitterness and hostility, and what's worse, the website made absolutely no mention of Airborne's trip to Florida State. Desperate for a rallying point, all dude eyes turned to Wallace Wade Stadium, desperately needing some magic. It didn't happen.

Time Warner Cable (from whom I legally receive cable) was a special sponsor of the game, and as we walked in, Big Daddy and I saw a costumed Fred Flintstone walking around. I took it as a good omen that we would knock Clemson back into the stone ages. Instead, it just meant we would be rocked. (Rimshot). Anyway, Scooby Doo was also there, but we never saw him. Scooby, Dooby Doo, where are you? Apparently hiding where Duke's offense went. Right off the bat, Thad had his patented first-drive deep strike to Riley. He made a spectacular one-handed grab down the left sideline, setting up an easy touchdown and 7-0 lead. **At this point I might as well mention that today I openly wondered if Thad is as Rad as advertised, or is it more Eron Riley is a true stud.**

Things were stable for awhile, and with about three minutes to go, we were down 10-7 with the ball. Unfortunately we had a 3-and-out and ate up no clock, giving Clemson a chance to extend its halftime lead. A deep strike set up a touchdown, and we're down 17-7 with a minute left. Two lame runs, and two Clemson timeouts later, we're third and 10. Thad gets sacked for a safety and it's 19-7. I tell Big Daddy, "Well, at least it's a lot tougher for them to score the quick touchdown." Oops. They return the kickoff to cap a 39 second stretch in which they score 16 points. Amazing.

Things pretty much progressed that way after the half, and when all was said and done, Duke lost 47-10. No phase of the game went well for Duke, but special teams stood out as especially horrid (though we managed to kick a field goal!) Were the Devils looking ahead to South Bend? Almost certainly. On a side note, there was an army of Tiger chlldren sitting behind us, and they began playing "Would you rather?" You know the game, where you ask things like, "Would you rather have an unwashed Bea Arthur lick honey off your chest or drink Weitao's urine?" But these kids played the game to insult Duke. The two best ones were, "Would you rather be a Duke fan or play golf?" and then "Would you rather go to or ?"

Oh, and if you needed more reason to hate the Bowden family, here's what Tommy said about our beloved Wallace Wade Stadium after the game... "This place will lull you to sleep a little bit, and history indicates that. We made them real aware of the history up here, and how tough it is to play."

Friday, November 02, 2007

Duke's biggest recruit in a few years?

Having lost out on Greg Monroe, the importance of getting Eliot Williams grew, as otherwise Duke was left with unheralded Olek Czyz to comprise its class of 2012...and absent a McDonald's All-American for the first time since the Dude was still shopping for a sturdy boat to cross the Pacific. Fortunately, Williams committed to Duke yesterday, and as Big Daddy reminded, he's a throwback to Ricky Price. Without Monroe, and only Zoubek in the middle, further comparisons to 1997 abound! But at least with Williams, the program doesn't appear headed to '96 depths.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday DudeSpin!!

One year ago today, the Dudes embarked on a new journey of an entirely different sort - the terrifying world of blogging. Several LiveBlogs, 463 posts, and eight Hall of Fame inductions later, DudeSpin has announced its presence into all corners of the globe - from Asia to Pennsylvania, from Israel to Durham.

Of course, DudeSpin would like to thank its contributors - the Dude, Head Dude, the Undude, the Franchise, the Cooler Sportsgal, and its more infrequent commenters. All of you have made DudeSpin quite a joyful experience for the past year.

Just a partial listing of highlights of DudeSpin from the past year include:
- Pictures of the little Franchisette;
- Announcement of the next Head Dude;
- High stakes wagering on Rockets - Mavericks;
- Internal dissention over who gets the DudeSpin endorsement for President;
- Polls!
- Unsuccessful attempts to dissaude Coach G from joining the Evil Empire.

It goes without saying, but let's hope that next year brings more of the same.

Mazel Tov, DudeSpin!!