Saturday, November 24, 2007

As one Duke coach leaves, can Roof be next?

Yesterday the Duke sports community bid a fond farewell to John Rennie, who ended his long soccer coaching career with a 1-0 playoff loss. And while the Dudes are unlikely to shed many tears over that one, rumors are swirling around the future of Ted Roof.

WRAL reports that Duke is going to launch a massive change to "everything" associated with how they do football (including admissions), and that means saying goodbye to Roof, and presumably his rough riders.

Of course, as the news and observer notes, Duke tried a similar "relaunch of everything" back in 2003, and well, that hasn't quite worked out.

Personally, this dude would like to see Roof get 2008, but I don't anticipate a massive turnaround. But we all know what happened when they fired Goldsmith one year too early.

Perhaps a Victory Bell can change his destiny...

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Head Dude said...

It's a tough call. If the idea is that Brodhead wants to relaunch the program with lower academic standards and more money to lure a proven winner, then realistically you have to go for it, since there's nothing to guarantee Roof will ever be a winner. He's a good rah-rah guy, but the mistakes they made at Notre Dame last week are the mistakes they've been making the last 10 years, and at some point a new approach may be needed.

The one reason I don't quite draw a parallel to Goldsmith, is his team of would-be seniors was a field goal away from a 5-4 record after Vandy with just one more win needed over two losing teams (Maryland and UNC) to reach a bowl game. That didn't happen, but he was close. Whether Roof is 1-11 or 2-10 this season, that certainly doesn't guarantee that his team of would-be seniors will make the jump to respectability as Duke had done in 1998.

All of that said, I'll be tuned to ESPNU in two and a half hours!