Friday, November 30, 2007

Bryant Gumbel + NFL Network = High School Football Quality Coverage

I assume not everyone saw the NFL Network spectacular last night, but if you did, I think it can best be summed up by a co-worker who said on the elevator this morning -- "I really missed the national network -- the local station doing the game was pretty bad." Which was an insult to the local station. Among the highlights:

1) Bryant Gumbel pretending this was the PGA's Phoenix Open, and calling the game with similar excitement. I didn't think Anthony Fasano had caught the first touchdown because Gumbel announced it like a PBS Nova special. And perhaps it was made worse by the fact the broadcast chose to entirely block out what was described as the loudest crowd noise in Texas Stadium in 12 years. I don't say this as a homer, I say it as someone who enjoys hearing the crowd because it adds excitement.

2) Gumbel's referring to Romo as "Rick Romo".

3) NFL Network advertising several times for the Indianapolis/Atlanta game ... which was played a week ago.

4) The camera shaking like a Woody Allen movie during sideline takes with Deion Sanders.

5) Deion not having his mic on the first time, and then the vision of his production woman running around trying to hide behind him the second time.

If you saw it, you know there are plenty more examples. Let's just say it wasn't the best enticement for TimeWarner and Comcast to pay for TV rights -- midway thru the second quarter, I switched over to the local radio broadcast, and even though it was 2 seconds behind, was much more satisfied.


The Dude said...

On this rare occasion, I agree with Head Dude. Also, the Romo-TO "interception" in the end zone cost me 14 points in fantasy - thanks Terrell. Weird thing about the telecast was that I thought it was a GB home game because the crowd react was louder for the Pack than for our Boys - strange indeed. Also, would have liked to see the Pack play the game with Favre.

The Franchise said...

Should we be doing more discussion on this blog that the official favorite NFL team of two Committee members (and adopted team of The Dude, apparently) is having an unbelievable season? I say yes!

BTW, I thought The Sporting News was certifiably insane this September when it predicted the 'Boys would go 13-3. Now? I'd be heartbroken if the team went 2-2 down the stretch!

Anonymous said...

See Dude, I think Favre coming out of the game helped the Packers in this one occasion. When he leaves, he's playing terribly and it's 27-10, with Green Bay's only TD coming on the long run. The Cowboys definitely had a letdown when Rodgers came in, suddenly the pressure stopped coming and the secondary backed off. You kind of feel like it just wasn't Favre's night.

Surprisingly, the Dallas Morning News had a rundown of how the eight 11-1 teams in NFL history finished, and half finished 13-3, two finished 14-2, and two 15-1. Having seen December fades the last two years, I still have some caution, but our closing schedule definitely isn't difficult by any means.

It is extremely strange to look at the Sunday schedule and know that no game really effects us, other than clinching the division and rooting for or against teams that could be playoff matchups. But with a bye all but assured, it's too hard to predict anyway.

Head Dude said...

That was me, by the way.