Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday DudeSpin!!

One year ago today, the Dudes embarked on a new journey of an entirely different sort - the terrifying world of blogging. Several LiveBlogs, 463 posts, and eight Hall of Fame inductions later, DudeSpin has announced its presence into all corners of the globe - from Asia to Pennsylvania, from Israel to Durham.

Of course, DudeSpin would like to thank its contributors - the Dude, Head Dude, the Undude, the Franchise, the Cooler Sportsgal, and its more infrequent commenters. All of you have made DudeSpin quite a joyful experience for the past year.

Just a partial listing of highlights of DudeSpin from the past year include:
- Pictures of the little Franchisette;
- Announcement of the next Head Dude;
- High stakes wagering on Rockets - Mavericks;
- Internal dissention over who gets the DudeSpin endorsement for President;
- Polls!
- Unsuccessful attempts to dissaude Coach G from joining the Evil Empire.

It goes without saying, but let's hope that next year brings more of the same.

Mazel Tov, DudeSpin!!


Head Dude said...

And Barbaro -- we can't forget Barbaro!
Perhaps the next poll should be what was the DudeSpin moment of the first year, and I'd cast my vote for the Dude courageously (or crazily) accepting my Rockets-Mavericks wager, which I made thinking he'd never go along with it, and then watching the Rockets come within a quarter of cashing in!

The Dude said...

Shoot... After seeing that the Mavs were matched up against the Warriors in the 1st round, I thought about trying to double the wager!