Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Guess We Now Know

Three missed field goals can overcome an advantage of: outgaining the opponent in total yards by a third, outpassing them 3-to-1, winning the turnover battle 2-0, and winning the possession battle by close to 13 minutes.

I thought the biggest failure was getting the ball at UNC's 35 up 14-7, going three and out, and then giving UNC the ball back at its 28 with plenty of time left in the fourth quarter. We had all the momentum in the world, and I liked the first deep ball attempt to Riley, but that could've finished off the game.

In the end, not being able to recruit someone who can kick a 40 yard field goal at least one out of three times is perhaps another reason why the Roof era is likely over.


The Dude said...

I think the biggest mistake is Broadway firing Goldsmith back in 1999 - that really sent the program into a tailspin.

ThadisRad said...

That was a tough one to watch... It was one of our best games of the year. We ran well and picked up some good third downs, two things we never did this season.

Head Dude is right, though, we had great field position and a chance to put them away on that drive in the fourth and did nothing with it.

I also thought Roof might have been a bit conservative in those final 30 seconds. On third-and-two he had Thad just center the ball for the kick. Considering our kicking woes, shouldn't you try a 10-yard-pass to get the first, stop the clock, then kick the field goal? I mean, we saw in South Bend the dangers of trying to do too much in that type of situation, but I think over the last two years we've shown a consistent inability to kick 40-yard field goals. My point is, I would rather have my job resting on Thad's right arm rather than any foot belonging to a Duke kicker. But maybe I am too used to video game football where just picking up the first down and not making a crucial mistake is so easy.

Lastly, one had to laugh at the image of Roof getting doused with an ice water shower as Duke players thought they had won. Oops.

Head Dude said...

Yikes, somehow I missed the water shower.

Interesting quote from Oghobaase:

"It would be an injustice if they let him go," said sophomore defensive tackle Vince Oghobaase, Roof's prize five-star recruit from 2005. "He's being doing things behind the scenes for this program. I really do believe things are on the rise."

It does seem the players really like Roof. Of course, perhaps Alleva's biggest mistake was listening to the players 4 years ago. Then again, his biggest mistake was listening to Steve Spurrier 9 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I agree with thadisrad on getting a closer field goal. Paul Asack is a recruit who actually split the uprights during kick-offs according to We should have good kicking for the next four years. I think Thad had a fumble, but they still won the turnover battle. Losing like that really brings down my weekend.