Saturday, November 17, 2007

In South Bend!!

A live post at 6 00 in the morning from a darkened hotel room in Gary, IN. We're about 7.5 hours from kick off but we couldn't be more excited. We're desperately hoping someone will Tivo it and burn it on a DVD since a Duke appearance on National TV is about as rare as a Franchise appearance at a DudeMania!

Further updates as the day progresses.


The Dude said...

Sitting on a bench outside the Notre Dame student center - the friendliness of the locals is amazing. We've received countless "welcome" and "good luck" wishes that we'd almost feel bad about thrashing ND today - the operative word being "almost."

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Dudes I'm there in spirit if not in presence. I will be looking for you guys on my cableless non-Tivo TV.
Let the festivities begin!!!

Big Daddy

The Dude said...

Well, it's the day after a thoroughly uninspiring performance from Airborne, but we're not backing off!!
The gameday atmosphere was great - but the crowd was understandably lethargic given the chilling rain and the records of the teams involved. Airborne tried its darndest to make the day even more miserable by stifling the Irish attack for much of the 1st half. Alas, two quick strike TDs at the end of the 1st half quelled thoughts of a stunner in south bend, and we were left to continuously lament the running of 2 yd patterns on 3rd and 7, and the overall conservativeness of the Airborne offense. As we stood outside in the rain waiting for the busses to roll in, we knew two things for certain - basketball season was starting soon, and we can't wait until our football squad got better!

Anonymous said...

Does it bother anyone else when Zach Asack is smiling in the fourth quarter of a loss?