Monday, November 26, 2007

Who's Got Next?

As we mourn the end of the Roof era, we must bravely look ahead. Here are some early lists of potential replacements, with a few names that seem a little out there.

News & Observer




The Franchise said...

That WRAL list is insane! We won't be getting Marty or Norm Chow, that's for sure.

I interviewed Weatherbie way back during my first year at The Chronicle - in fact, I think he was the first coach I ever interviewed for the paper. He is perhaps the lone name on either list who would be making a step up by coming to Duke. Let's face it - even Johnson would be making (at best!) a lateral move by leaving Navy for Duke. The truth hurts.

I would love it if we could get Crowton or Logan but I fear even they may be wishful thinking. Of course, for the sake of pure Dude Committee entertainment we should be rooting for Broadway to get the job...

The Dude said...

Wow. I too interviewed Weatherbie for a story about his religious faith - he's similar to Fred in his religious devotion. I'm on board with Steve Logan - that guy is a straight shooter and a delightful interview.

Head Dude said...

I'm not particularly bowled over by the list. With more money, can't we do better? I think Norm Chow was a bigger possibility in 2003 than he is now. I think Johnson is the best of the possibilities mentioned, though if memory serves, he should've lost this year to Duke.