Sunday, December 30, 2007


Not surprisingly, the dudes did not recognize the historic achievement by the Patriots on this blog, so I guess it's up to me. But instead of saying what you already know, we'll simply repost a YouTube classic saluting the Golden Boy.


The Dude said...

i saw the 1st 10 seconds of that video... boy, hilarious undude...

now show me a QB who hasn't fathered an illegitimate child.

Head Dude said...

If the Cowboys and Patriots both survive their next two games, which is no guarantee for either, the two-week leadup to the Super Bowl will be the most dramatic in DudeSpin history.

Honestly though, the Pats' path is just as difficult as Dallas, since they likely have to beat Indy. And even though we're not playing so well, we just have to beat two average teams at home.