Friday, December 28, 2007

A Brush With (Semi) Celebrity

Fresh off the heels of Izzy's encounter with Michael Irvin, I have my own tale to report. A much smaller celebrity, though perhaps more important to DudeSpin.

On a lazy end of year Friday afternoon, I found some time to check out the Journey (sans G) in their first post-Christmas game in Houston against the University of Houston Cougars. I walked up to the ticket window (stunningly, no line) and face a dilemma - pay $5 for regular seats or $10 for floor seats. Figuring that I only live once, I ponied up for a pair of floor seats for me and a UH alum I dragged out to the game. Turns out, it wasn't a bad decision.

We found our way to the floor and wound up sitting directly behind Lindsey Harding and (presumably) her parents. As with Joel, I like to leave celebrities (and former Journey legends) alone, so I quietly sat back and caught bits and pieces of their conversation for the entire game.

The Journey hadn't played in a while, and looked as rusty as one would expect. One bright spot, however, was the play of posts Carrem Gay and Chante Black. They controlled the boards and was Journey's only consistent source of offense. Another cause for optmism was the play of freshman Jasmine Thomas. As one would expect of a freshman, she was a bit unsure with the ball at times, but showed glimpses offensively and defensively that she could develop into every bit the player and leader that Lindsey was.

For her part, Lindsey was vocal and cheered on her teammates the entire game. She made a couple of observations: McCallie makes more substitutions than G; and the Journey did not exploit their advantage in the post. The front row of the floor was also filled with other former Journeyers, includng Mistie Bass and someone whose name escapes me.

All in all, a nice Friday afternoon; and here's hoping the Journey makes more trips to Houston!


ThadisRad said...

Did Harding choke on her popcorn?

The Dude said...


Judz said...

Thanks for the tickets. Its unfortunate that Journey (is it?) could not cover the 20 points Vegas (i.e. me) was giving. Must've been some missed free throws. Oooh, too soon?