Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Call From Barack to the Dudes

I got this email below from Barack today. Tempting, to say the least:

Want to ring in the New Year in Las Vegas or Reno?
We need you to build
on the momentum we've got in Iowa and New Hampshire and keep it going through
the primary season.
We're building a rock-solid organization in Nevada, the
third state in the nominating process, and we're looking for our best volunteers
to get right in the middle of the action. Can you commit to spending a few days
or up to 2 weeks in Nevada this January?
Sign up to join us in Nevada:
The entire nation
will be focused on the January 19th Nevada Caucus, and you can make a huge
difference in this historic event. This is the first time that Nevada has
participated as a critical early state in the nominating process, and we need
all hands on deck to prepare potential caucus-goers and let them know about
Barack Obama.
We've got great supporters here in Nevada and many of them have
offered space in their homes for out of state volunteers who are willing to
help. We've also identified affordable housing throughout Nevada that we can
share with you.
Sign up to help out our Nevada team and someone from our
staff will call you to discuss your availability and possible housing
We're looking for
people to help out during the following time frames, but we're happy to
accommodate your schedule.


Anonymous said...

You ain't kidding. I admit to being thoroughly intrigued and fascinated by it. Hmmm

Big Daddy

The Dude said...

Are any of the Dudes and Big Daddy interested in a last minute DudeMania in Vegas?

Head Dude said...

I could actually consider it after a trial I have ends January 12, but I'd want to spend my days on Las Vegas Blvd instead of canvassing for votes.

The Franchise said...

Yeah, it sounds great in theory, but how would I reconcile the dual demands on my time? I think we all know the answer...