Monday, December 03, 2007

Dude NBA Info Worth Mentioning

Far be it from me to suggest that there are other teams in the NBA besides the Mavs and Rockets, but...

Denver's win last night brings the Nuggets to 11-7, just half a game behind Dallas. And unless I'm mistaken, they are two games ahead of the 9-9 Rockets.

Then there is Undude's team - if indeed the Celtics' hot start has convinced him to get behind them again. Surely I don't need to mention that the C's are 14-2, and owner of the best record in the NBA...

Yes, there is a ton of basketball yet to be played. I don't have League Pass like The Dude, so I have no way of knowing what, if anything, this all means. Just thought it was interesting to take note of how it stands as of Dec. 3.


Head Dude said...

I'm actually headed to the game Thursday night against Denver, and at this point, nothing has come easy for us except games against Houston and San Antonio. In an odd sort of way, the Mavs' loss to the Heat inspired them to come out strong the next regular season, whereas the Warriors' series inspired us to try and be like the Spurs and peak in the spring. Not sure if it'll work, but it's too early to tell.

The Nuggets have been kind of quiet -- after the trade made such a bang last year, they haven't been able to jump into the upper tier (and possibly been passed by the Hornets and streaking Warriors). Again, it's early, so hard to know how it'll all settle out, but the Warriors still scare the crap out of me, and if they stay healthy, there's no reason to think their recent 9 of 10 stretch won't continue, even though in the long run Nellie's teams just aren't built to win titles. At the same time, the Jazz have quietly been playing solid basketball and shouldn't be ignored. While I still think it'll come down to the big three in the West, I'm less confident of that than I have been the last two years.

As for the Cs, my two issues are this: 1) they've played no one; and 2) they're a team who could easily be derailed by either an injury or players getting tired in the spring. Of course, at this point, who in the East is going to stop them?!

NJT said...

As soon as the Warriors got psycho Jackson back they turned it on. But they are one injury to Baron Davis away from sinking at all times.

If the C's Big 3 all stay healthy - no sure thing, I know, given their age - I don't see anyone in the East who could keep them from making the Finals. Detroit? Unlikely. Cleveland or Chicago? Please!

And if the C's do indeed make the Finals, I don't think you can just discount them.

Head Dude said...

I'd definitely agree with that last point -- the last time a team from the West discounted a team from the East, I sat in stunned silence in Section 302 watching Antoine Walker hoist the trophy.