Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dude News and Notes From Today

1) Alleva's search for a new coach has finally led him to contact Paul Johnson, and others appear to be in the works.

2) They've been ignored on this site so far this season (perhaps because the Dude never seems to post anymore), but it's of note that TAFKAJ (The Artist Formerly Known as Journey) has lost three straight.

3) And finally, it may be early, but it says here that a certain of NHL teams are atop the NHL. Will it last?


The Franchise said...

The most embarrasing of the TAFKAJ losses was to Penn State, not because the Nittany Lions are bad (honestly, I don't know if they're good or not), but because I had to hear about it around here!

I think Detroit can stay atop the West or very close the whole season. They are, as we know, a team built for regular season success! All joking aside, Chris Osgood has played unbelievably well subbing for an injured (go figure) Hasek, the Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Holmstrom line is one of the league's best, Lidstrom is Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski has been an excellent replacement for Mattheiu Schneider.

What say you of the Stars?

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder in this whole coaching search business.

Is Thad praying/crossing his fingers that Duke hires Cutliffe and is Zach doing the same, hoping they hire Johnson.

It seems this coaching decision, more than usual, could play a decisive role in who starts next year.

As for TAFKAJ, does it also mean anything that Texas has a better record at 6-2?

Head Dude said...

I'm still not convinced -- they've had a good run since Les Jackson and Brett Hull (whose official title last year at this time was the Stars' Ambassador of Fun) took over, but there are some sleeping giants in the division, and we're still offensively limited, especially with Lehtinen out a few months now. But Modano has come back to life and the defense is strong, we might as well build a lead over the Sharks and Ducks while we can.

The Dude said...

What is hockey?