Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Duke's next coach is... you?

Vandy's Bobby Johnson dropped out of the race, which is fine with me.

Meanwhile, sources are saying that former Washington front man and current Baltimore Raven coordinator Rick Neuheisel is very interested in the job, but Alleva has not interviewed him. Neuheisel once had a No. 3 ranking and Rose Bowl with Washington, but has had a few sketchy incidents in his past that this article write off as misunderstandings. Seems like a pretty interesting pick, and very worthy of our consideration.

Of course, he would have to beat out the readers of DudeSpin. Follow this link to the second page of jobs, and you too can submit your resume to become Airborne's next head coach. Having watched five straight years of Duke football, I feel like I must know the team better than any outsider that they can bring in. Surely that counts for something, right?


Head Dude said...

Very bizarre that there are job postings.
But I agree with Neuheisel. It almost seems so obvious that it's not surprising Alleva is too foolish to realize it.

The Dude said...

I say Undude applies for the job, gets hired, then hires the Dudes as his assistants. Franchise can run the defense; I'll run the offense; and Head Dude, well, the Gold Star makes him special, so he'll run the special teams.