Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gettin' Juicey with Miggy!

It's just a shame former Astros heroes Clemens and Pettite couldn't have been in Houston to welcome their fellow brother in crime to town. I think we all now know that it was fate that Enron collapsed and created an opening for Minute Maid to take over Houston's ballpark. Now when they call it The Juice, we'll know why!!!!


The Dude said...

In all fairness, the following ex Rangers were also identified:
Kevin Brown
Eric Gagne
Gary Matthews Jr.
Jose Canseco

Anonymous said...

Dudes...Dudes...Dudes. The Mitchell Report is both sad and heartbreaking for all.

What about some "happier" news... the report that Duke has apparently offered it's head football position to a real person, who reported is actually interested in accepting it.

I was afraid Broadway might eventually break down and pull a "Lars and the Real Girl" type of move

Although this does look like that the job won't be offered to Undude and Dudespin won't be hired as assistants still...

Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

forgot to mention Duke's very own Scott schoeneweis being implicated in the Mitchell Report

Head Dude said...

I'm just saying, Brown and Gagne never led us to the World Series. Of course, one has to be suspicious that a Red Sox exec prepared the report, and not coincidentally, the only prominent Red Sock included (Clemens) was one that Boston fans now hate.

Head Dude said...

And I'm not sure how I feel about a Tennessee coordinator taking over ... this is better than Neuheisel???

Anonymous said...

Absolutely better than Slick Rick taking over. I realize football is king in texas and we are desperate for wins but I rather not sell my soul to the devil just yet to get them. (no pun intended)

Trouble follows Rick wherever he is the head man in charge and I'd hate to see Duke up for NCAA violations in 3 years once he's left for greener pastures.

Cutliffe had a winning record at Ole Miss and virtually single-handedly saved Fulmer's job at Tennessee. (and I'm not sure which one of those two is more impressive)

Plus he supposedly isn't too bad with QB's. Once he gets locked in with one Thaddeus Lewis, I'm sure people will be saying "Peyton, Eli Who???"

Big Daddy

The Franchise said...

I like the hire, but I really was looking forward to serving as Undude's offensive coordinator...

ThadisRad said...

I also like the hire, and already dream of Thad becoming the black Manning brother. It would be like a hilarious football version of Diff't Strokes, but Cutcliffe would be Mr. Drummand, and Alleva would be Mrs. Garret.

As for your disappointment that I didn't get the gig, that was really my fault more than anything.
In my interview with Broadway, I told him I learned football playbooks from playing Tecmo Bowl as a child (and adult). Unfortunately it soon came out that playbooks are now larger than four plays, and I became flustered and inarticulate. Having watched Duke football for so long, these were the only plays I could think of.

1) run up the middle for no gain
2) 3rd and long draws
3) 3rd and longer quick kick
4) Throw deep to Riley on the right side, but ONLY during the first drive of the game or when down by 28 in the 4th.
5) WR screen

I had nothing else to offer.