Monday, December 24, 2007

A Mile High With the Playmaker

The obvious sign should've been when I saw three young boys in #88 Cowboy jerseys walk by me at Fort Lauderdale Aiport this afternoon, but it wasn't until I was about to board the plane and saw a familiar profile signing autographs, that I realized none other than Michael Irvin was on my flight back to Dallas. At which point I quickly emailed the Dude to relish in the irony.

And wouldn't you know it, Irvin and his younger brother or oldest son (could've been either) seated themselves a row right in front of me. The three younger sons in uniform headed to the back of the plane. Irvin ordered a Grey Goose (I think but couldn't be sure if I heard right) and then slept for most of the flight. In the very few encounters I've had around celebrities, I prefer to ignore them and let them be in peace, but Irvin delivered a special message to all the dudes, and his #1 Fan Weitao in particular, upon arrival at DFW: Merry Christmas!

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The Dude said...

It's just good to know that the Pleamaker gets his high off legal substances nowadays!!