Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The NBA Season at the One-Third Mark

Interesting signs abound since Franchise last checked in with an update, and while we don't expect the Dude to weigh in for obvious reasons, perhaps others have thoughts...

1) The Big 3 in the West seem to be back to the Big 3, with records of 18-7, 18-8, and 18-9. Dallas entered its latest stretch against Utah/Houston/Orlando/Phoenix just trying to stay in the top half of the conference, and ended up beating all 4. The Hornets and Jazz have cooled off and the Nuggets are as unpredictable as ever, great on their best nights, and frustratingly average on their worst. As for the there a pulse out there? Houston? Dude?

2) The Pistons served notice tonight that while Boston may win 65+ if its big three stays healthy, a trip to the Finals is no sure thing. At least if Boston has to play Detroit, because really who else in the East could beat them?

So at this point, is there any reason to think that other than adding Boston to the elite, this season is any different than the last one?

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The Dude said...

no one cares about the NBA, America's (and my) attention is on America's team - the Cowboys