Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Return of Rambo???

Oh how the Mighty have fallen!! Just a few months ago, Head Dude was mocking the Astros for relying on Mike "Lambo" Lamb for production in the line-up. But what is that I read today when I logged on to trusty The Rangers are going to offer Lambo their starting 1B job!! - that is, if the Red Sox don't get him first!!!

Of course, Lamb isn't a bad offensive option - he had a park adjusted OPS of +.112 last season (OPS was .112 higher than the league average adjusted for Lamb's home park - excluding pitchers). That number is lower than Mark Texeira's +.150, but comparably better than, say, Brad Wilkerson's +.104. So Head Dude, will you be a Lambo fan again?


Head Dude said...

I never disliked the guy, I was just amused by him because he was one of the Rangers' spare parts. Then again, he's only improved as a hitter, which can only mean good things in our ballpark.

ThadisRad said...

I trust you all saw the preview for Rambo 4 during the Pats game Monday/ If not, check out the full version online--it will give you chills.

Rememeber, a few years back my brother and I watched all three Rambos on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It seems that next Christmas, the tradition will be a little longer, but a lot awesomer.