Sunday, January 27, 2008

Camelot is All Aboard the Obama Train!

This morning, Caroline calls him "A President Like My Father", this afternoon the Lion of the Senate breaks his silence, spurns Hillary, and throws his coveted endorsement to Obama. Tomorrow, both will come together at American University in a rally with their candidate. Don't underestimate this one -- Ted Kennedy's support was huge in bringing Kerry back from the dead pre-Iowa in '04. The hope is that the Kennedys show Democratic leaders that it's okay to back Barack, and further endorsements (Al?) follow. More importantly, the hope is that this shows white Democrats that it's time to get behind a true change in the party, a change that hasn't been seen since 1960.

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The Dude said...

Great news for the Obama campaign... Now the strains of "Sweet Caroline" (Neil Diamond wrote the song for Caroline Kennedyh) will bring even more melodic joy! Previously, it just brought back reminders of a night in Fenway and various renditions of the song in Karaoke bars, now it can be in the theme song rotation for Barack!