Sunday, January 27, 2008

DudeSpin Endorses Barack Obama!

Not to be outdone by Ted and Caroline Kennedy, DudeSpin (though it is of little surprise to anyone who has been following the blog) announces that it endorses Barack Obama as the democratic nominee for the President of the United States! With Head Dude recently coming aboard the increasingly crowded bandwagon, there is finally unanimity within the DudeSpin ranks to make the formal endorsement of the Illinois Senator. The Obama campaign could not be reached for comment on the pivotal endorsement.


The Dude said...

The next question is, will Barack receive the endorsement of a certain newspaper in North Carolina! We may not get the New York Times, but we are still holding out hope for Undude's paper.

Head Dude said...

Uh Dude, I believe I gave a chunk of change to the Obama campaign long before you ever did, so claims of my "recent" support fall a little bit on deaf ears. Apparently you've been listening to Bill Clinton and his underhanded comments a little too much lately.

Anonymous said...

Remember Obama is about unity not divisiveness.

Anyway this crucial endorsement was definitely a long time coming and I see this as potentially being the death-knell in Team Clinton's run to the White House.


Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

Obama is Beloved

While not as important as Dudespin's, add Toni Morrison to the list of those endorsing Obamania.

I believe she was waiting to see which way Dudespin would go before giving her official announcement

I'm looking forward to seeing this wonder of wonders the live blog tonight.

Big Daddy