Sunday, January 06, 2008

Living on a Pryor

Obama's great and all, but can he lead Airborne to a bowl game? Then let's reexamine our priorites for just a moment...

The nation's top high school quarterback is going to make an official visit to Duke! According to the News and Observer Terrelle Pryor has Duke on his list of schools he's considering. Apparently he likes this Cutcliffe fellow and has added Duke to his list which includes Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, and Penn State.

Duke's considered a long shot next to those other no-name schools, but still, this is a pretty exciting thing in my mind. He's also one of those guys who likes to play hoops, and would want to play both, so K might screw us over again like he did with Paulus.

Anyway, Pryor's senior year stats: 1889 rushing yards with 36 TDs; 1900 passing yards with 23 TDs. And only three interceptions!

In other Duke football news, Scottie Montgomery will keep his position as Duke's WR coach, the only man to survive the Roof era. And speaking of Roof, he's off to Louisville to be a linebacker coach.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw on SI's "truth&rumors" section a few days back it mentioned something like "nation's top coaches pursuing best QB" and then they listed Cutliffe first. (maybe it was just alphabetical but I don't think so)
I was wondering when someone was going to get around to mentioning Roof at Louisville.

However I don't think we need to have an either/or type of qualification when talking Obamania and Duke football. As Obama is a voice for change so too can Cutliffe be that voice of change for Duke football and the hierarchy that is ACC football.

Can I not have my cake and eat it too with both Obama and Cutliffe and Duke football sweeping away the status quo like a powerful gale force wind?

Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

Ahh here's the exact quote

"The call log on Terrelle Pryor's cellphone doubles as a list of coaches from college football's blue-blood programs. On Tuesday and Wednesday, it showed calls with Duke Coach David Cutcliffe, Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel, the Penn State defensive coordinator Tom Bradley, the Florida offensive coordinator Dan Mullen, the Michigan assistant coach Tony Gibson and the Ohio State quarterbacks coach Joe Daniels."
New York Times

I like how even the NYT is recognizing Duke a blue-blood program

Big Daddy

The Dude said...

Not to dampen everyone's excitement, but everyone and their mom knows that Pryor is going to be a Buckeye. As a high school senior, you can't blame a guy for taking all of visits and (probably) getting front row seats in Cameron for an ACC game.

The Dude said...

Also, undude, you should be the last to rain on Obamania. The better question is, can Cutliffe increase your salary to $100k? Hey, I'm only looking out for your bottom line here.

ThadisRad said...

Dude, don't count Duke out of this race yet. Head Dude once doubted a plucky young senator from Illinois, but today he is the next president of the United States. In this type of atmosphere, anything can happen... even Duke being considered football blue blood.

The Franchise said...

Just getting in on the conversation with the nation's top QB is a victory for Duke football - that is an undeniable fact. Where he ends up going is largely irrelevant...

The Dude said...

I think Cutliff will disagree that where he ends up is irrelevant. Should he end up at Duke, Cutliff and Airborne fans will definitely note the relevance - as we will most definitely have an heir to Thad.