Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Newest DMR Poll Show Obamentum!

Barack 32, Clinton 25, Edwards 24
The poll that most accurately predicted the outcome of last year's caucuses sounds an ominous warning for those in the Clinton & Edwards camps! Here comes Obamentum!


Head Dude said...

Indeed, though CNN has Clinton over Obama by 2 in their poll out this morning...so I wouldn't be getting overconfident just yet.
At least both polls indicate Edwards in third place and trailing the leaders outside the margin of error.

Head Dude said...

I should correct the last statement -- Insider Advantage had Obama 7 points back of Edwards and 8 back of Clinton. So it's hard to say anyone has momentum!

Anonymous said...

To further head dude's comments, the Think Tank that is Charles Wright Academy, and former members thereof is completely split.

In our Kingmaker's pool roughly 1/3 have Obama winning, 1/3 Clinton and 1/3 Edwards.

I look forward to watching the results play out.

Big Daddy