Monday, January 21, 2008

This will only make you more angry Clinton's winning

Although I must admit, as good as the speech was, the people behind him didn't seem particularly moved for the most part.



The Dude said...

What a stirring debate tonight!! I felt bad for Edwards at times because he was a complete third wheel at times. I felt that, aside from a brief lapse when discussing deficiencies of Edwards' and Clinton's health care package, Barack did very well withstanding the various personal attacks levied by Clinton, and surprisingly, Edwards! His answer to the last question about MLK's endorsement was a perfect way to end the evening.

Head Dude said...

I'm not sure -- I don't know that the debate moved the needle very much, and if it did, it probably wasn't to Obama's benefit. In other words, Obama's in control in South Carolina and just needed to keep it there, and the only dynamic I could see from last night is voters possibly giving Edwards a second look, which isn't what we need.
I followed three different blogs last night during the debate (CNN, MSNBC, and ABC), and it shows you that so-called experts can see two different things. One thought Edwards was the clear winner, another thought he looked desperate. One thought Clinton got the better of the exchanges with Obama, another the reverse.
And the National Review couldn't stand any of them!
I do agree that Obama handled what could have been the most difficult questions -- about Bill being the first black president and about MLK -- very well. I'm just not sure if the rough and tumble part helps.
I'm just still having a hard time seeing how the winning formula develops. Assuming Obama wins by 10+ in South Carolina, that likely is canceled out by Clinton winning Florida three days later by 20-30, and then there's nothing before Super Tuesday. So I'm not sure how he gets the momentum. It seems the best thing right now is to stay relatively close in delegates after Super Tuesday, and then press onward hopefully with Edwards out of the race.

The Dude said...

The number of old people in Florida does worry me w/r/ the Clinton edge - but you would imagine that the gap will close some once we get closer to primary day (are the candidates allowed to campaign in Fl?)