Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Uh oh...

Where did this come from? A double-digit lead heading into election day, high voter turnout, Bill losing his cool ... and a Hillary win?
There's a lot of time now between this and Michigan (which doesn't officially count) and then Nevada, but it appears we're in for a fight.


Anonymous said...

I didn't buy the polls that had the double digit leads but I still thought an Obama win. I should have known better when my friend (from NH) said her mom and sisters were for Hilary.

This is big especially since Hilary was lowering expectations to make second look like a win. Is the Clinton machine in full gear? Will Obama rally and pull the nomination through. Stayed tuned. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Chanel.

Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

I have lost faith on the intelligence of the American long ago. After eight years of King George, they now want Queen Hillary for their leader. She claims about experiences, but what exactly are her experiences? She claims about working for changes but what are the changes? She has been bought, paid for by big financial institutions. She represents the same old Washington insider politician. If she becomes President, the country will be more divided. Do people really want to have a civil war? Don't they too stupid, too blind to see the drift between Americans caused by years under Clinton and Bush regime? Why don't they just set up a dynasty with King and Queen so that we can save money from not having to run elections?

Frankly if she becomes the final candidate of the Democratic party, I will side with the Republican. I just don't want to see her face and her phony smile on TV a year from now.