Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yes We Can!!

Tonight. Progressive-minded folks in America took another step forward. We poured through the polling places in New Hampshire and showed in a substantially greater numbers than those who showed up for the Republican primary. Although DudeSpin's candidate fell a few points short, the call for change was resounding. So resounding was the call, that even Head Dude told me tonight that he had donated $500 to Barack's campaign. A few minutes ago, I matched his donation. Together, we will move the country forward; Together we will seek a brighter day; Together, we will find change.
Yes, We Can.


The Franchise said...

Yep, we got ourselves a ballgame now. Almost makes me wish I really could go out to Nevada and help with the effort...

Head Dude said...

Agreed ... and I actually just finished a trial and almost could make it happen. Of course, then we return to the chicken and egg fact that in spite of my desire to campaign for Obama, my desire to campaign for two face cards in a hand would still probably prevail.

Anonymous said...

Former colleague just sent me this...thought I'd share


Big Daddy

Anonymous said...

Sorry let's try that again shall we