Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Webb Lives!

Courtesy of Big Daddy, Webb may be prime minister of Canada some day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Rockets Roll Craps Again

Just as I was to about make a post asking if the Rockets' recent run was the sign of an emerging contender, or just a sign they've taken advantage of a weak month in their schedule, Yao makes the question moot with another unfortunate injury. So now it's time to ask: do you keep Yao and McGrady together and give it another shot, having still never made it out of the first round (assuming no miracles this year), or do you unload McGrady and try to rebuild quickly?

Incidentally, the Rockets may not be the only ones rebuilding soon If you watched the Suns against the Pistons Sunday, early returns suggest getting Shaq may not have been the most forward-looking move for a roster with an aging point guard and mercurial power forward superstar. Of course, if the Mavs get torched by the Spurs on Thursday, I reserve the right to suggest it's premature to make such assessments!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The First Time I've Ever Not Hated UT

I haven't yet commented on the Dallas rally yet, which required standing in line outside for 2 hours before snaking in ... and being stunned not to see metal detectors ... in Dallas ... with a young, inspirational leader. But anywho, thought everyone would enjoy these taken yesterday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Si Se Puede!

In an atmosphere every bit as electric as Rockets playoffs games, Houston welcomed democratic nomination FRONT RUNNER Barack Obama to town with a stirring (and undeniably loud) welcome, and was treated to a 45 minute call to action that was equal parts humorous, frank, and of course, inspiring. With a victory in Wisconsin in hand, and March 4 circled on our calendars, there are 3 words that ring out in our efforts to deliver Texas to Barack - "Si Se Puede!!"

Your turn Dallas!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Barack Will Stop by Yao's Office!

Rally for Change with Barack Obama - Tuesday night at the Toyota Center. DudeSpin will be there live to cover the event. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


DudeSpin projects that Senator Barack Obama will carry the primaries of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

DudeSpin also projects that Senator Obama will carry the Hawaii primary next week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

This is getting embarassing for the Clintons

Another day, and what is measuring up to be another double-digit win for Barack in the Clintons' backyard of Maine.

And, Barack won the best spoken word Grammy for the audio version of the Audacity of Hope over, among others, Bill Clinton's audio version of Giving.

6-for-6! What a sterling weekend.

Another Spur In The Endorsement Files

Barack has earned the endorsement of the San Antonio Express-News. The endorsement could prove pivotal in the predominantly latino San Antonio area. As I'm sure DudeSpin readers are aware, Latino is THE pivotal demographic in Texas, and Barack will be hard-pressed to win Texas without cutting into Clinton's support amongst the Latinos. But let there be no doubt - Texas is not California - there is not the entrenched support for the establishment candidate among Texas Latinos.

I was at the grand opening rally for Barack Obama's Houston office yesterday - and the energy was apparent!

Yes We Can!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Get Your Brooms Out!!

A clean sweep for hope!! Caucuses in Washington and Nebraska, a primary in Louisiana, and, just for kicks, the Virgin Islands!!
Yes We Can!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

How good is Duke?

There's a lot that could be discussed, such as the Shaq trade and Obama raising $7 million in a day, but to stay closer to home ... I'm a little unsure what to think about Duke after last night's win.
We're now in pole position for the Raleigh-Charlotte path to the Final Four, and suddenly the experts say we're title contenders. But you kind of wonder if that's really possible. You see Carolina beat up on us for the first 10 minutes last night and wonder if a team can do that to us for 40 minutes, especially if our shots aren't falling.
At the same time, I'm surprised how tough guys like Singler, Henderson, and Thomas are. After UNC's initial burst, rebounding was a wash the rest of the night. Teams like Maryland and State seem to be able to surge for up to half the game, and then our depth and athleticism takes over.
Given how weak the ACC is, outside of our game with Maryland next week and the game at State, are there any others that pose big problems prior to the rematch? And if we're 15-0 headed into that game, a 1-seed in the NCAAs will be all but locked up. I was startled to see K describe the team after the game as "pretty special". Usually he only uses the S-word for teams he thinks may win the title. So is this now a real possibility?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Express is Leaving Houston Again!

While it may not immediately change things on the field, Nolan Ryan has once more spurned the Astros for a trip north up I-45 to Arlington. Welcome back Tex, you've made the right choice yet again!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Next Phase...

It was a good news, bad news night, and perhaps the best news is this: Obama didn't lose any ground, and the schedule looks very favorable for him the next few weeks leading up to Ohio and Texas, so he has time to catch up in the delegate camp and grab clear momentum before March. A few weeks ago, Super Tuesday looked like it could be decisive for Hillary, and it certainly was not.

On the one hand, Obama appears to have won 13 states, assuming he holds onto a narrow lead in Missouri and takes Alaska. So from that perspective, it was a good night. And the energy towards him remains in motion, as does the money flow, so there's still plenty of time.

On the other hand, the momentum Obama seized the last week got him close to the mountaintop, but he wasn't able to reach the peak as was hoped the last few days. The win in Connecticut and comeback in Missouri were significant, but otherwise Hillary held her ground. If Obama had made more inroads in New Jersey, Massachusetts, or California, he would have grabbed headlines for winning on Hillary's turf. But particularly in California (based on early returns and NBC/CNN projections), the polls were wrong and Obama never really came close.

The biggest concern at this point is not letting the delegate deficit get too far away. Depending on how California breaks down, Hillary will lead by anywhere between about 50-100 delegates, and the closer she gets to 100, the harder that gets to overcome. The small-state wins were nice, but didn't make a big difference in totals, and superdelegates continue to favor Hillary.

But Dude states loom large now -- Texas, then Pennsylvania, and maybe even North Carolina. Get ready ... after taking a break for tomorrow night's showdown in Chapel Hill!

Today's The Day!

DudeSpin is going to kick it old school today by bringing back the oratory that introduced Barack Obama to a nationwide audience - the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. As those in the Super Tuesday states head out to vote, I hope they carry with them the same hope that all of us share in a better tomorrow and a better America. Although I have been a supporter of Barack's presidential campaign before Barack knew that he was running a presidential campaign, my trust in his candidacy runs beyond that he once gave me a B in a race and law seminar. That trust is rooted in his uncanny and proven ability to attract people - democrats, republicans, and independents alike - to his campaign, and most importantly, something much bigger than Barack. This campaign seems to have shed aside the type of politics we have become so accustomed to in the past decades and turning the page to a new chapter - one written through unity, a belief in each other, and diligence to work hard for a better day. That's the chapter that we're all anxious to write - and let us start writing that chapter today.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Football Gods Finish Giving Middle Finger to Dudes as Giants Win Super Bowl

Well, it's obvious the Committee just didn't do enough to appease the football gods in 2007. After taunting us with a fantastic regular season for the Cowboys - so good, in fact, that The Dude jumped ship from the Texans and adopted them as his team - they made our guys flame out to a hated division rival who Dallas had already defeated twice.

Now, the vengeance of the football gods is complete. Undude got the final figurative kick in the crotch, watching his Patriots roll to an 18-0 record and then lose to the very same Giants team - a team quarterbacked by Eli Manning, no less!

Any thoughts on how to curry favor with the deities of the gridiron for next season?

Athletes and Sports Donations

I found this post from the DC Sports Blog that covers the intersection between two favorite topics of DudeSpin: Election 2008 and Sports. The post discusses athletes and the candidates to whom they have contributed. You can click on the link for the full list, but I'll summarize the athletes with DudeSpin connections here (I've also collected information from other sources including

Barack Obama
Former Vision forward Grant Hill - $2,300
Vision Associate Head Coach Johnny Dawkins - $2,300
Former Vision and current Rocket Shane Battier - $2,300
Cowboys Ring of Honor Honoree Emmitt Smith - $2,300
Designer of the Dude's Shoe Stephon Marbury - $2,300
Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams - $2,300
Houston Rockets guard Mike James - $2,000

Hillary Clinton
Boston Red Sox President Larry Lucchino - $1,000

Christopher Dodd
Boston Red Sox President Larry Lucchino - $1,000 (double-dipping!)

Joseph Biden
Boston Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner - $2,000

Mitt Romney
Patriots owner Robert Kraft - $2,300

John McCain
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones - $2,300
Former Cowboy Roger Staubach
Patriots owner Robert Kraft
Crazy Pitcher Curt Schilling

Fred Thompson
DudeSpin's favorite spokesperson Peyton Manning - $2,300

Shock City!

After a few days of bad polling for Obama, these stunners come out this morning courtesy of Zogby, one of the most respected men in polling. If they hold, Super Tuesday would be a wash and give Obama the few more weeks he needs to generate more popularity from the recent wave of publicity.

Obama 45%
Clinton 41%

Clinton 44%
Obama 43%

New Jersey
Clinton 43%
Obama 42%

Obama 48%
Clinton 28%

Friday, February 01, 2008

Barbaro, We Remember...

Lost in the excitement of elections, Super Bowls, and arrested Airborners, Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of DudeSpins favorite horse. Head Dude, especially, was touched by the courage and heart demonstrated by the near Triple Crowner.

According to The Onion, Barbaro's ghost appeared to teach us a lesson.

Another Huge "Endorsement" For Barack Obama!

Ann Coulter announces that she will campaign for Hillary!