Friday, February 01, 2008

Another Huge "Endorsement" For Barack Obama!

Ann Coulter announces that she will campaign for Hillary!


Head Dude said...

Pretty provocative stuff. To put herself out there like that, it'll be interesting if it is McCain-Clinton, if she sticks with that position. Something tells me probably not.

Anonymous said...

I admit when I typed in the dudespin blog and saw Ms. Coulter, I assumed you guys had been hacked.
It was the first time I almost clicked the "flag blog" for "objectionable content"

That said I agree about her timing as well. Are there two people who seem to create such polarization as Ann and Hil? I'm curious as to how Hilary feels about the endorsement.

Big Daddy
PS. Dude thanks for the invite. But I don't know if I feel worthy of such an honor. Right now I think I will play Al Gore and stay out of the fray.