Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another Spur In The Endorsement Files

Barack has earned the endorsement of the San Antonio Express-News. The endorsement could prove pivotal in the predominantly latino San Antonio area. As I'm sure DudeSpin readers are aware, Latino is THE pivotal demographic in Texas, and Barack will be hard-pressed to win Texas without cutting into Clinton's support amongst the Latinos. But let there be no doubt - Texas is not California - there is not the entrenched support for the establishment candidate among Texas Latinos.

I was at the grand opening rally for Barack Obama's Houston office yesterday - and the energy was apparent!

Yes We Can!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of endorsements apparently Hil met with Edwards on Thurs and Obama will meet with him tomorrow to solicit his endorsement.

One member of the Edwards household already seems to have made up her mind:

"Two friends close to Elizabeth Edwards say she has been in support of Barack Obama, whose campaign has been touting a list of endorsements from former Edwards backers." (CNN-Political Ticker)

The wife is always right, right? (as you married dudes can definitely attest to)
Come on John make the missus happy!

Big Daddy

Head Dude said...

If it's really true about Elizabeth, how can John do otherwise?