Sunday, February 03, 2008

Football Gods Finish Giving Middle Finger to Dudes as Giants Win Super Bowl

Well, it's obvious the Committee just didn't do enough to appease the football gods in 2007. After taunting us with a fantastic regular season for the Cowboys - so good, in fact, that The Dude jumped ship from the Texans and adopted them as his team - they made our guys flame out to a hated division rival who Dallas had already defeated twice.

Now, the vengeance of the football gods is complete. Undude got the final figurative kick in the crotch, watching his Patriots roll to an 18-0 record and then lose to the very same Giants team - a team quarterbacked by Eli Manning, no less!

Any thoughts on how to curry favor with the deities of the gridiron for next season?


HD said...

But in the end, weren't you rooting for the G-Men to finish this one off? Maybe it's the fact Shockey was suspended, so the biggest negative was watching from afar, and the other most hateable Giant (Tiki B.) is gone. I mean, I loved watching Brady and his sore v-gina running off the field. And Belichik, sleeves rolled up, conceding with a second left.

My two big questions are this:
(1) If the Giants beat the Pats in Week 17, do they consider that win their Super Bowl and come out flat against the Bucs? Surely the close loss was motivation to get back. A win might've made them like the Redskins -- overconfident, instead of determined.

(2) If Crayton doesn't cut off his route and the Cowboys rally past the Giants, do they come close tonight, or was the sheer will of the Giants' front four on D something Dallas just couldn't put up against Brady?

Questions to ponder for eternity ... or at least until next September.

HD said...

Btw, I must note the irony that the dude least likely to rub in the Cheatriot loss started this post ... albeit without a word of smack.

Now we can all look forward to the Congressional investigation!

The Dude said...

I had no idea that the Giants even won... I texted Undude twice to get scoring updates, but none was forthcoming.

Nick Tylwalk said...

Oh, I was rooting for the Giants to come back and win, but only because I considered them the lesser of two evils at that point.

And really, the football gods saved their most delicious and delightful work for the Pats and their fans. If the Spygate scandal actually turns into something, they will have gone from penthouse to gutter pretty quickly.

Sadly, even as a big Cowboys fan I don't think they could have pulled off the same gameplan as the G-Men. The pass rush was just ferocious, often times without sending extra men - though they did blitz at times, and to good effect. I think the 'Boys would have had to send extra men more often, opening up more plays downfield.

HD said...

Agreed and agreed.

What say you, Undude?

Thad is Rad said...

Many times today I thought, wow, I surely wish the Packers or Cowboys had won. Neither team would have put that kind of pressure on us, and well, I have to like the Pats' chances in a shootout. But the Giants simply destroyed us at the line of scrimmage and the 3rd-and-5 play on the Giants' final drive, holy crap, what can you say?

The loss, coupled with Saturday's SpyGate update, has led to one unhappy undude. Of course, I hold out hope that this is all a rumor started by a disgruntled, fired video employee, but I guess we'll see. And if they are guilty? Well, shit, what do I do then?

Anyway, tonight, I feel better, and realize this is all part of God's plan. Eli Manning needed to win Super Bowl MVP so Cutcliffe's stock could rise. Back-to-back Super Bowl MVPs on his resume will result in top recruits coming to Duke, and if I had to choose between an Airborne ACC Championship or a fourth Super Bowl, well, clearly I back Duke!