Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Rockets Roll Craps Again

Just as I was to about make a post asking if the Rockets' recent run was the sign of an emerging contender, or just a sign they've taken advantage of a weak month in their schedule, Yao makes the question moot with another unfortunate injury. So now it's time to ask: do you keep Yao and McGrady together and give it another shot, having still never made it out of the first round (assuming no miracles this year), or do you unload McGrady and try to rebuild quickly?

Incidentally, the Rockets may not be the only ones rebuilding soon If you watched the Suns against the Pistons Sunday, early returns suggest getting Shaq may not have been the most forward-looking move for a roster with an aging point guard and mercurial power forward superstar. Of course, if the Mavs get torched by the Spurs on Thursday, I reserve the right to suggest it's premature to make such assessments!


The Dude said...

Good thing i still have the Vision, the Journey, and Barack to root for.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


ThadisRad said...

As much as I remain bitter over the dude's antics during the Super Bowl and ALCS, I do feel bad for the Rockets and their fans. What a crappy time for that to happen.

But at least now they have an excuse for not making it to the second round