Friday, March 14, 2008

A Classic Example of Why the NBA is Faaaaaaantastic!

On this, the day that Duke begins what we hope is a four-week run in the postseason, I couldn't help but look at tonight's NBA schedule and be reminded why this has been the greatest regular season in our lifetimes.

In addition to having the top 7 West teams within 3 1/2 games, you get nights like this where Utah's at Boston, San Antonio's at Detroit, and the Lakers play New Orleans ... on the heels of a riveting win by Phoenix over Golden State last night. At night's end, any of three teams could lead the Western Conference, and New Orleans could be just a half-game back. Incredible. Meanwhile, Dallas and Houston get patsies tonight before opening up, at least in Houston's case, a brutal 5 games in 7 night stretch against some of the NBA's best. So by next Sunday, they could find themselves in 1st or 7th place, or anywhere in between.

March Madness gets most of my sporting attention the next month, but it's impossible to make it complete and undivided this year.


Big Daddy said...

I truly wish I had a "horse in this race" but with the exception of the Lakers of "Nick the Quick" years, I really haven't had an NBA team since the Showtime Lakers. Though I do still love to watch the NBA come playoff time. (of which the Western Conference from now until the championships essentially is.)

Still I am excited to see how this all plays out.

Anonymous said...

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