Saturday, March 08, 2008

DeMarcus Nelson

Tonight marks the final official Cameron appearance of Vision senior captain DeMarcus Nelson. Through injuries and those Navy SEAL workouts that we heard so much about, DeMarcus has been the standard bearer for the lunch pail player who showed up and gave his all every game and every practice. His will and his poise has helped define this year's edition of the Vision.

DeMarcus, DudeSpin thanks you.


Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Big Daddy said...

Look perhaps we are in a little funk, still reeling from the game or heck still pissed at these blog spammers but...

no mention of the game
no mention of Barak taking Mississippi
no mention of one of Hil's superdelegates and governor of her state with 7 diamond lady's of the night.

Heck I'd even take the smack from the Dude about the Rockets 19,20? game win-streak and Head Dude's sniping back about McGrady never getting out of the first round.

To paraphrase the title of Pope Leo X's bull of excommunication against Martin Luther

"Exsurge Dude Spin"
Arise Dude Spin...Arise!!!

The Dude said...

Big Daddy,
I think I'm still in shock over the stupidity of Geraldine Ferraro's comments... Genuine discussions about race relations are absolutely critical; but the implications of her first statement followed by the absolutely absurdity of her second comment was just galling

Head Dude said...

What, you don't agree that her comments helped Obama?!

As he said, being an African-American named Barack Obama has been such a tremendous advantage to running for President in the past 210 years.

Big Daddy said...

Ahhh that's the Dudespin I know and love!!!
Just as I finished my post last night I realized I should have put Ferraro in as well. I hoped/figured someone would jump on it.

I too was clearly dumbfounded by her statements considering she surely must have heard the same type of comments about her as Mondale's running mate.

Anyhoo....welcome back Dudespin!!!!