Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greetings from Orlando!

Just checking in on DudeSpin from the road, in this case, sunny Orlando. The Franchise is back somewhere he hasn't been for seven years: WrestleMania.

Not that any dudes follow wrestling, but you can check in on what I'm up to down here at SLAM! Wrestling if you'd care to help us out with some extra page views. Head Dude is exempt, of course, due to his increasing family size.

And speaking of WrestleMania's past and future, it's rumored that the WWE is going to announce that next year's show will be back in the Astrodome, or whatever it's called now. Dude, you know what that means: someone might be asking to crash with you for a few days.


Big Daddy said...

So I saw that Arash Markazi (sp?) from had listed the best 24 matches from Wrestlemania, and I was curious where the Franchise and other dudes came down on it.

If you haven't read the article then at least...what would be your top... 5 greatest matches?

Lyle said...

I can't believe I stumbled upon a Duke Football blog. Did you guys play there?

Head Dude said...

Believe Lyle, Believe.
We didn't play there, but all graduated from Duke in the late '90s during the Goldsmith/Romine/CoreyThomas Era.