Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lucky Duke?

I think so. Getting a two-seed with Xavier as our 3 and UCLA as our 1 seems pretty fortunate given yesterday's loss. I think we deserved the 2 over Wisconsin since we beat them by 24 in December, but still thought we'd end up sliding to a 3 behind them. And we also got the weakest 3 in our region. Obviously UCLA is a great team, but they had some lucky wins in the last few weeks, and given the alternative of a red-hot Kansas or a 1-loss Memphis, this seems to me the best alternative. This isn't to say I'm penciling us in for San Antonio, and the West Virginia or Arizona second-round game will be no cakewalk, but all things considered, could've been much worse. If we were the 3 instead of Wisconsin looking up at both Georgetown and Kansas, I would've said forget about the Final Four.


Big Daddy said...

I agree completely with everything you said except the part about UCLA over Memphis. As match-ups goes I would much rather have a potential game against Memphis than UCLA.

Not saying we would automatically hands down beat them but I think their personal, and style of play matches up much more favorable with Duke (Rose being the obvious tough guard)

UCLA is too big and too strong on the inside (assuming Moute is healthy) AND have pretty good guard play.

Also those close lucky games (a few that frankly we all know should have been losses) I also think helps them vis a vis Memphis who has yet to really prove how they would do in a pressure situation against a top-notch opponent.

Head Dude said...

You may be right about Memphis. I think back in December they were the best team in the country, beating a lot of quality opponents, but they haven't played much sense then outside of Tennessee, so get them in a close game, add in the fact they can't shoot free throws, and you have a chance.
I guess the reality is, if you're not a No. 1 seed, you're probably going to have to beat a title-worthy team to get to the Final Four. Put is in the Elite Eight, and I'll be happy to take a shot against anyone.
At the same time, I was lamenting the matter-of-inches quality to sports with Elizabeth yesterday -- when we're up 68-66 against UNC with a few minutes left, if Paulus drains the open three, or Henderson makes the point-blank putback and we surge ahead, we might've clinched a No. 1, be set up for Raleigh and Charlotte, and on top of the world. You just never know.

SportsGal said...

It's hard to call it a matter of inches in that UNC game, when we didn't score a single basket for the last 5 minutes. In the ACC tournament though, those semifinal outcomes easily could have been reversed...

The Franchise said...

I like our draw except for that potential second-round game against West Virginia. That seems like a dangerous one.

Big Daddy said...

YES!!! (in answer to "Lucky Duke?" but with regards to last night's game against Belmont)