Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tight as a Tick in Texas

I gotta admit, on the morning of hopefully a decisive day, I'm not as confident of a clear win today. A week ago, all of the momentum was with Obama. And now, with controversies like NAFTA and Rezko swirling around him, not to mention the inane "3 a.m." ads, there's been a discernible trend towards Hillary the last few days. Granted, he's still likely to get more delegates in Texas, given the way the system works, but if she slides by in the popular vote here, and captures Ohio as seems to be the trend, I fear she'll press forward even though his delegate lead will still very likely be over 100. And who wins in that scenario? John McCain.


The Dude said...

Let's hope Texas chooses Hope over the same-old politics of fear. When that phone rings at 3 a.m., I want the person answering the phone to have not gotten into that position on the basis of a groundless smear campaign.

Head Dude said...

You know what irritates me the most? All of the Clinton whining about the media worked. All of the headlines now exclusively talk about what Clinton needs to do, and not how Obama could clinch the nomination. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and Clinton had won 11 states in a row? The NY Times editorial board would be calling on Obama to concede immediately. The notion that she's getting a bum deal is ludicrous -- she's losing, and that's why the press asks the tough questions.

The Dude said...

CNN characterizing Texas as a Clinton is really ticking me off. The caucus votes have not come in; the all-important delegate counts have not come in - it is unreal!

Anonymous said...

All I asked was if you two could deliver Texas for me (well for Obama) and this is what I got?!?!?

Big Daddy

Head Dude said...

The Dude couldn't even push Harris County over 60%. At least 62% in Dallas went for Obama.
Just an awful night no matter how you look at it, and today's first tracking poll has her up 5% nationally.
Franchise, you're up next!
Followed closely by NC!

ThadisRad said...

I feel confident in my abilities to deliver, though I must conceed that Franchise might be a bit more important than me.