Saturday, April 05, 2008

Broadway is Dark Tonight!

See ya' Joe! LSU decided it wanted an athletic director who could help win championships on the field, help athletes succeed in the classroom, and work with the community. Apparently LSU didn't realize that Alleva helped demonize Duke in the Durham community, and while athletes may have gotten no worse in the classroom, such things as the steriod scandal came as a result of the macho culture Alleva harvested. Congratulations LSU ... and THANKS!


ThadisRad said...

I'm really trying hard to look at this from an objective standpoint to figure out what LSU sees in the man we've wanted fired for several years.

So here is a list of Joe's pros starting with the most important sports and working our way down...

1)By all accounts, he has been an excellent fundraiser, and Duke athletic facilities have been completely revamped since my freshman year. From Wally Wade's scorebopard, to the tennis courts, to the new hoops facility opening behind the other new hoops facility (K's office), there have been a lot of upgrades.

2) Men's hoops has maintained an incredibly high level of performance. Now, I don't think Broadway did anything to help this (as K is his boss), but he didn't hurt it.

3) Women's hoops did become one of the nation's best programs during his time.

4) Many are impressed with the hiring of Cutcliffe.

5) I think men's lax has made a strong comeback from an incredibly difficult situation. A runner up the year after and ranked No. 1 this year, it's impressive the program did not completely collapse on itself. Long term affects still waiting to be seen.

6) Women's golf is amazing.

7) Field hockey is very good, as is women's lacrosse.

Joe's cons...

1)Some terrible hires in football and baseball.

2) Scandals in non-rev sports? I'm pretty sure Joe invented those.

3) Drunken boating.

4)While women's hoops certainly soared under his watch, most of us believe his apathy played a large role in Coach G leaving, which certainly didn't work out very well this year.

5) While he did come across as a bumbling idiot during the lacrosse press conference, at this point I'm almost tempted to give everyone a pass on that situation. Both Joe and Broadhead were in incredibly difficult positions, completely unlike anything anyone has seen before.

6) That said, there were clearly things going on with the lax team and other athletes before the false allegations of rape that needed to be handled and addressed but were not.

So it still seems to me he comes with more baggage than positives; he certainly is very experienced for a big time AD gig and all that comes with that, and I'm saddened I never got a "Joe Must Go" chant to catch on at Wally Wade, but this seems like a great chance for Duke to move forward.

Big Daddy said...

I'm simply stunned!!!

Bush will be gone (knock on wood) in January, Alleva's gone, rumors that Billy Packer might be hanging it up...the Axis of Evil is gone!

On which evil-doers do I focus my wrath now?

Seriously though that was a very well thought out and written comment by Undude.

The only ones I might question for the pros are # 3 (I had as much to do with women's basketball becoming a power as him...after all wasn't it my taunting, goading and friendship with Erickson...and taunting and goading of Van Gorp that got Duke over the top as a legit power?)

And # 6 (ditto above and sub in Chuasiriporn)

I think he was an amazing fundraiser and good enough caretaker (field hockey, women's lax were good when I was a fresh/soph etc) but did not do enough to improve programs that weren't that good...but I'm willing to admit that some if not a lot of that might have been out of his control. Broadway Joe, I think I can speak for many dudespinner's out there(at least perhaps for the Undude) when I say...

Need any help packing????

Lyle said...

Alleva is a nice guy, but wtf. AD's are judged primarly by football, ummmmm????? don't get it oh well best of luck

The Franchise said...

Without taking anything away from Undude's excellent analysis or crapping on all the other sports, I have to agree with the short but sweet summation given by the last poster. At LSU, football is king, and I'd be kind of scared handing things off to Alleva given what's happened - or hasn't happened - with the Duke program.

Head Dude said...

You're right, and for all the praise over Cutcliffe, let's not forget that if it was a good hire, it was on the heels of two bad hires that set the program back 10 years. Franks was the biggest mistake, not just because I'm biased and thought Goldsmith should've gotten a shot with his seniors, but because Alleva let Spurrier bend his ear and hire an unexperienced no-name when he could've had Dennis Ross.

Sure, the fundraising was good, but that was already in place with the hiring of Susan [I forget her last name] back in 1998, and he did make a good hiring in field hockey, but hired a drinking buddy in baseball that was a disaster, and his perceived lack of care about the women's programs at least contributed to G leaving.

ThadisRad said...

I agree with all of you... I made the first post more to show that on paper his resume could look good. After my post I saw that the GoDuke spin doctors also wrote a story highlighting all of his "achievements" and they did look good.

If I were LSU I would be very concerned with the fact that from the start of Joe's tenure at Duke he spoke on and on about turning around football, and that clearly never happened. Of course, with men's hoops he showed that if a winning formula is in place, he won't screw it up. Tiger fans need to hope that proves to be the case again.

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Big Daddy said...

"I've seen the lights go out on Broadway.
I saw the Empire State laid low.
And life went on beyond the Palisades,
They all bought Cadillacs-
And left there long ago."

Sorry the Broadway is Dark...made me think of that Billy Joel song.

Anyway with all this talk about Broadway going...I'm curious as to what (more specifically who) is next?

Duke named senior associate director Chris Kennedy as interim AD, but who can/should we get long term?

The Dude said...

"Broadway is dark tonight
A little bit weaker than you used to be
Broadway is dark tonight
See the young man sitting
In the old man's bar
Waiting for his turn to die."

I think the mandate for change is clear in both politics and Duke athletics. Everyone is tired of the cronyism and the cynicism typified by the Alleva administration - it's time for a different kind of candidate. Someone who will bring hope, optimism, intellectual prowess and the charisma to bring Duke out of this period of darkness.
I nominate Big Daddy!