Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Chronicle Rips DBR and Broadway May Go?!

A double dose of interesting news.

First, a Chronicle columnist stuck it to DBR for the assinine "column" blaming Duke's loss on the flu and assailing Duke fans who criticize the team. Kind of funny, though it does beg the question: doesn't talking about DBR in print just legitimize it?

Even more interesting: Broadway Joe apparently is one of six finalists for the LSU AD's job. Good luck Broadway! Given he also had interest in the Miami job, isn't it safe to say he's looking to leave?


Big Daddy said...

You won't get me with your April Fools jokes Head Dude. Broadway a finalist...for premier AD job... heck...even just a DI AD job.
That was a good one!!!

ThadisRad said...

Amazingly, it's true! I read it in stunned disbelief this morning on WRAL's website. This afternoon I was teaching my class the word "incredulous" and suddenly this story popped into my brain. I would have used it as an example, but I thought it might be a bit obscure for the ignorant teenage masses.

I read the Chronicle story also, and thought it was well done, and enjoyed reading the comments. I just didn't want to post it because I didn't want to admit to reading a full chronicle story. I thought I would be mocked.

Anonymous said...

There has to be a part of the teenage masses who are not ignroant. Take me for example; I'm a proud season ticket holder, regular reader, and even listen to Bob Harris when the team is away. It is your duty to enlighten your students before the DBR does.

The Franchise said...

I beg to differ. It's not our duty to do anything before DBR does, because for some reason, people consider that site a credible source of information regarding basketball, and have since all the way back when we were in school. Why? I have no idea. I guess that's what's so funny about sports in the internet age. If you claim to be the biggest fans of something and you do it first, people believe you.

Now Duke football is a different story. We do have a duty to enlighten people on that front, at least the few dozen people who care to be enlightened...

Anonymous said...


ThadisRad said...

It's down to two, and Broadway is still alive!


Big Daddy said...

Ok this makes no sense to me on a number of different levels.
Let's forget the fact that he's horrible.
Let's forget the fact that LSU is a very good program being overall better in the higher revenue sports than Duke. (they are better in basketball than we are right now in football)

Why in the world would he want to leave?
Up until the hiring of Donnie Walsh no one in America had better job security than Alleva except Isiah Thomas.

Is this a case of Broadhead (after the fallout from the lacrosse scandal) telling Broadway that it wouldn't be a bad idea if he wanted to look for employment somewhere else?

Head Dude said...

I don't necessarily think Frank Dascenzo has anyone's ear, but he wrote last year that Alleva was probably being told to polish his resume. But if that was the case, don't you just fire him instead of giving him a few years to find another job? I mean, we're a perennial top-10 team in the Sears Cup standings with perhaps the most notorious program in all of college sports. We shouldn't need to afford such courtesies.
I know Alleva leaving would make John Feinstein happy.

Big Daddy said...

Except I know people for whatever reason often want to wait for things to die down before making a move. That way it doesn't seem purely reactive, giving in to public pressure, drawing "unnecessary" attention or criticism. blah blah blah. I agree with your argument though.