Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photo Journal of Duke Spring Game

"As we walked from the chapel, you felt and knew everything was right with Duke Football." - Coach Cutcliffe, during halftime

Coach Cut addressed the crowd at halftime. In addition to the goosebump quote above, he promised that it won't be long before we start having some real fun here in the fall. At one point, the crowd began a soon-to-be-familiar "Dav-id Cut-cliffe, clap-clap-clap-clap-clap" chant.

The crowd in Wally Wade set a Duke Spring Game record!

Zack Asack looked good, and his Blue team moved the ball better than Thad's White team. Asack went 14-of-17 for 107 yards, though his tendency to scramble can best be described as "uncomfortable" in a game where he's not allowed to get hit. It must be noted that one of his incompletions was a wounded duck well short of a streaking Eron Riley that instantly recalled memories of one Bobby Campbell.

Nick Maggio booted a 24-yard field goal for the game's first points. It was just nice to see us have the confidence to try a FG longer than 20, and even nicer to see it split the uprights. Meanwhile, much maligned Joe Surgan was 2-for-2 in extra points. Maggio's kick gave Blue a 3-0 lead, but on the very next play, Tony Jackson sprinted around the left side of the line for a 75-yard TD. It was the type of big play Duke's offense so desperately needs this season, and the type of big play Duke's defense so frequently gives up in past seasons.

Eron Riley can't quite rein in this pass over the middle, but DudeSpin's favorite wideout led all receivers with six catches for 49 yards.

Meanwhile, with his favorite target playing for the other side, Thad Lewis struggled a bit, completing just 8-of-13 for 53 yards. He also had a fumbled snap which he recovered. Still, you can't argue with 1-0.

Vince Oghobaase had one tackle for a loss.

The Spring Game marks the end of a back-breaking spring practice session. By all accounts Cutcliffe has instilled a new work ethic which has seen the Devils shed a combined 400 pounds so far!

The White team celebrates their 14-3 victory. Their second touchdown came on a fumble recovery by Wes Oglesby. Cut has been emphasizing strips with the defense, and it paid off here. Team Blue's dream officially died in the fourth, when Mike Cappetto threw an interception, and Thad and Jackson were able to execute an effective time-killing final drive (though at this point, the game had moved to a continuous clock).

Durham's best journalist adjusts his pants as he waits for an interview... SEXY!


The Dude said...

hoooray!!excellence in photojournalism!

Big Daddy said...


Head Dude said...

Well done! Coach C and Undude both set the right tone for next season. And with an easy early schedule, perhaps a 3-0 start will be just what the doctor ordered.

The Franchise said...

Kudos from me too on one of the finest posts ever to grace this blog!

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