Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Undude & Big Daddy Takes On Mass Media

Well, that's the situation we've found ourselves in. The GOP can spend and spend big; and all we have is the voice and the enthusiasm of Big Daddy and the Undude in NC. Fellas - do not let the Republican smear campaign get the best of the you. In the end, truth always wins.


Big Daddy said...

I just got this email from the NCDP Chair with regards to this same topic. It's long (so I would just skim it if I were you), but there were a few good points, rising dems registration, desperation et. al

I'll be fighting with my wallet (what little I have) and my heart. I will endeavor to not let Dudespin Down!!!

"Yesterday, the N.C. Republican Party unveiled a television ad which even John McCain
described as degrading and distracting.

It says a lot when their own Presidential nominee and the national Republican Party
publicly rebuke them. It says even more when they ignore these rebukes. It shows
just how out of touch North Carolina Republicans truly are.

Americans are struggling to pay for medicine and gas. The economy is tipping into
recession. The war in Iraq drags on, at the cost of thousands of lives and
countless billions of dollars. The environment is being devastated, people are
losing their homes, and our nation's veterans are being neglected. And amidst all
of this, North Carolina Republicans are launching an ad which doesn't even touch on
any of the issues North Carolinians care about.

This much is clear: North Carolina Republicans will say anything and do anything to

And let's face it. They're desperate. Tens of thousands of new Democrats are
registering to vote, while the number of registered Republicans actually declines.
Democrats are energized like never before. And their Presidential nominee offers
nothing but four more years of failed Bush policies.

That's why I need your help. To beat them in November, we have to have the
financial resources today to continue organizing and building our Party. Please
take time today to make a generous contribution. Your contribution of $50, $25,
$15, or whatever you can afford, will prepare us for the challenges ahead. To
contribute, click

This won't be the last time North Carolina Republicans employ gutter politics to
attack our candidates. There's no telling how low they'll go. But, with your help,
we'll be prepared to respond.

With Best Wishes,

Jerry Meek

Chair, N.C. Democratic Party"

Head Dude said...

I agree with everything he says, but of course the truth is, if you disagree with what the Republicans are doing in NC, you give to Obama, not the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party can't counter by defending Obama, since they have to remain netural -- all they can do is attack McCain, or as he says "be prepared to respond."
Fortunately, Obama has a lot more money than the NC Republican Party and can counterbalance by attacking Republicans' smear tactics, which could help him.

Big Daddy said...

I completely agree with you Head Dude. I just made my $25 donation to Barak, which was matched by some dude name Mike. So whoever you are Mike, I thank you, Obama thanks you and perhaps just as importantly Dude Spin thanks you (if I may be so bold)

As Churchill once said
"we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender,"