Thursday, April 17, 2008


Spurs-Suns in the First Round? Really?

A hefty sum could've been had wagering on that as the 3/6 matchup back in October. The question coming into the season is whether anyone could crack the Big Three in the West ... well, turns out only one of the big three actually finished in the top three, and just barely.

I should think both Denver and Dallas are much happier about their position than Phoenix, even if the Nuggets have to contend with Kobe.

Let the madness begin!


The Dude said...

I'm not sure anyone besides Head Dude was wondering if anyone will crack the "Big Three." Under the presumption that he's referring to Phoenix, San Antonio and Dallas, I'm not sure there was much question that there was going to be a new hierarchy in the West this season.

Head Dude said...

Yes, all of the experts were predicting a Lakers-Hornets 1-2 finish atop the conference, especially while Kobe was demanding a trade and New Orleans was coming of a 38-win season.

The Dude said...

Well, if you had watched the teams play last season, you would have known that NoLa was a team on the way up; and Dallas was a team on the way down. The so-called experts all make their picks based on reputation - there's simply no substitute for actually watching the games. That's why I'm not making any picks this post season - I simply haven't watched much basketball outside of Rockets games this season.

Head Dude said...

We'll miss "expert" Dude from last year who pronounced that no one except Phoenix could beat the Rockets. Unfortunately Utah wasn't listening.

The Dude said...

Utah beat Houston in an extraordinarily close series last year. Head Dude fails to mention that I nailed the Golden State in 6 pick over Dallas that no one else could say they saw.