Saturday, May 31, 2008

A White man for the Job?

Without much hoopla, Duke has found its new AD. Seeing this guy's resume makes you realize you hear very little about ADs, as I otherwise would've thought I'd have heard of the AD from a big-name program like Notre Dame. But seems like a good enough hire, and certainly a step up from Broadway.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coach K Couldn't Have Liked This

Obama's Body Man and Chris Duhon, playing primary-day hoops with the 44th President.

Your Move, Chan Ho

Last night, one of the Dude Committee's favorite sidenotes returned in a dramatic way to the baseball field. Fernando Tatis, forever known as the man who went granny twice against Chan Ho Park in one inning back ages ago, returned to baseball after a two year hiatus and announced his return in a big way last night with a walk-off two run double.

What will be next? Todd Marchant returning to the NHL and going five hole against Eddie the Eagle?? Sims Lenhardt finding a place on an NFL roster and booting a game-winning field goal over the outstretched hands of special-teamer Chike Egbunewe?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Did the Patriots FOLLOW any rules?

After the swath of recent allegations, including the newest one today, the question becomes - did the New England Patriots actually follow any rules under The Cheatin' Hoodie's tenure? Of course, this doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things - folks that don't like the Pats don't really need additional reasons not to like the Pats.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Farewell to Oz

In the end, it was a series without any real bad blood, and without tremendous question as to who would be the victor. But in the middle, it brought us some great moments (Modano from the slot!) and showed off the skill of Detroit's forwards. So Dallas concludes an unquestionably successful season, while Detroit heads off in pursuit of its ultimate goal, cashing in after 5 years of disappointing finishes by proving itself to be the best in the West without dispute. The Campbell Bowl was finally handed to Lidstrom in Dallas ... just a few days later than the Franchise would've preferred! Mazel tov.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Head Dude's New Hero?

We all know how much Head Dude loved Barbaro, the fallen champion from a few years ago. So it's somewhat surprising he hasn't checked in with any thoughts on America's new sweetheart, Big Brown.

The colt named after everyone's favorite shipping company turned in another dominating performance yesterday at the Preakness and has tons of people throwing out semi-ridiculous comparisons to Secretariat. In case you missed it, jockey Kent Desormeaux simply held down Big Brown's turbo button (the triangle button on your PS3 controller, I think) down the far stretch and he easily outdistanced Macho Again and Icabad Crane.

Sadly, Big Brown didn't make the horseplayers of the world too much money, as he went off at 1-5 odds and returned just $2.40 for a $2 win bet. DudeSpin correspondent The Franchise fared no better using him up top on exacta and trifecta bets (just like 99.9 percent of the public) thanks to crappy performances by Kentucky Bear and early pacesetter Gayego.

To hear thoroughly unlikeable trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. tell it, the Triple Crown is all but wrapped up. Ah, but not so fast: a potential spoiler lurks in the form of sure to be DudeSpin favorite, Casino Drive. Aside from the obvious gambling name, he's an import from the Far East, just like 37.5 percent of the Committee.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Alive After Five!

Many of us thought Dallas' Game 4 win in Dallas was merely a goodbye present for the Stars' '08 season, but apparently the players felt otherwise! The Wings had nearly twice as many shots, and won twice as many faceoffs, but the famous Toby Petersen/Joel Lundqvist line produced the game-winner, and the series lives on. What no longer lives on is a pair of brutal streaks -- 10 straight playoffs losses in Detroit for the Dallas/Minnesota franchise dating back to 1993, and a career winless streak at the Joe by Turco.
What does Game 6 hold? Will we return to Detroit on Wednesday? If memory serves a certain Franchise warned Penguins fans just a few days ago to look out for the Wings' assault. Methinks Detroit has bigger concerns on its mind right now!

New York Times Catches Up to the Undude, Finally

About 8 years after Undude's expose about the prevalence of ACL injuries in women's athletics, the New York Times finally recognizes the breadth and significance of the story and trots out its top sports feature writer Michael Sokolove to write the cover story about the subject in the best magazine in the world - the New York Times Sunday Magazine. In a story headlined "Hurt Girls," Sokolove talks about the body structure differences that lead to greater vulnerability for female athletes, the push for equality and its effects on the frequent occurence of injury, and the inevitably of the phenomenon continuing. Tis a great story, but not any better than Undude's.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Classic Night for all Dudes

In a night where the Stars staved off elimination, in spite of the Franchise sitting just feet away from his beloved Red Wings, the most memorable moment was reserved for Committee Hall of Famer and legend .... MODANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Having relinquished a 1-0 lead less than a minute into the third period, Dallas drew a power play, and seconds in, Modano camped out in the slot, took a feed from Sergei Zubov, and blasted a one-timer over Osgood's shoulder for the game winner. It was the 58th career playoff goal for all-time American leading scorer ... and the first witnessed live by Committee members. Dallas lives to see another day, and Franchise heads back to Pennsylvania with an unused broom.

Modano lines up at the faceoff circle, late in the third quarter.

Modano skates back to the bench after giving Dallas the lead. Franchise cringes when the goal scorer is announced.

Franchise Checks in From Big D

The mood here in Dallas is one of tense apprehension as the Stars attempt not to be swept.

Actually, I have no idea what the mood is, as I am checking in from the 44th floor of an office building that is home to Head Dude's law firm, [firm name deleted for anonymity reasons]. I have a nice set-up in one of the records rooms, complete with internet connection and a comfortable chair. Those who know me well can rest assured that I have not spent much time over on the other side of the office enjoying the view.

I realized with no small amount of pleasure as I packed this morning that the newest item of Red Wings gear I have to wear to tonight's game is a Pavel Datsyuk t-shirt, a.k.a. the man who torched the Stars for a hat trick in Game 3. Be sure to watch tonight (if you're one of the 100 or so people who get Versus) to see if The Franchise and Head Dude are taunting each other after goals. I've been assured that we have primo seats about 12 rows off the ice...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Does a Broom Fit in a Carry-on Bag?

It looks like it will be mostly pride on the line when The Franchise journeys to the Big D in less than 48 hours for Game 4 between the Wings and Stars. At this point Dallas is looking for something, anything to slow down the Detroit onslaught.

You have to think that Mike Modano watches the show put on by Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg and thinks, "Damn, that was me about ten years ago!" It's okay though Modano - as an American and video game legend, you'll always have a special place in the heart of all DudeSpin staffers, even this Detroit fan.

The Empire Strikes Out

You wonder if one of those early-game shots off the post and crossbar would've gone in and given Dallas a 1-0 lead, if things would've been different. In the end, probably not. Detroit is good enough that you can think you're playing them even or even have a little momentum, and next thing you know, the Wings put together a bang-bang play and you're behind. Hats off to Datsyuk ... and either Wednesday night will bring a consolation prize for Dallas (perhaps with the return of Boucher?), or give the Franchise the chance to see his heroes hoist the Campbell Trophy. DudeSpin will be there ... whether you want them to be or not!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mike Ribeiro Draws Second Blood

This is the primary reason that I can never get into hockey - stupid extra-curricular, and silly, machismo stuff that is just a regular part of the game. You have extracurricular stuff in other sports as well - but not as an accepted and normal part of the game like it is in hockey. That's a reason why hockey is the fringe sport at the butt end of many jokes (no pun intended) that it is today.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Red Wings Draw First Blood

After one game of the Western Conference Finals, we know one thing: the Dallas Stars have to stay out of the penalty box.

An early goal on a two-man advantage started an onslaught for the Wings, who scored three times on the power play. Was it simply a case of the Stars feeling tired after their four-OT marathon to close out San Jose? They'd better hope so.

It was only one game, but Dallas has some daunting history to overcome if they want to pull off the upset. The Stars have never beaten the Wings in a postseason series - they are 0-3, though they haven't met in the playoffs for 10 years. And goalie Marty Turco is 0-8-2 in his career at Joe Louis Arena, something that will clearly have to change unless Dallas plans on playing someone else!

I realize I'm biased, but it seems to me Detroit has the two most talented forwards in this series (Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk), the best defenseman (Nicklas Lidstrom - sorry Sergei Zubov) and with all due respect to Brenden Morrow, the best power forward (Johan "Mule" Franzen). The one place the Stars may have an advantage is in net, but it's hard to even say that right now since Chris Osgood has yet to lose in the playoffs.

Your move Stars!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Fun with Chris Osgood

At least for a Dallas reporter, as posted on the Dallas Morning News blog...

The bridge to Canada is closed but the giant Uniroyal tire on Interstate 94 remains as a local landmark.
So do the Detroit Red Wings, and their locker room had a distinct 1998 look today. Against one wall were Kris Draper, Kirk Maltby and Darren McCarty, the same checking line from a decade ago.
Nicklas Lidstrom, on his way to a sixth Norris Trophy, was talking in one corner. Chris Osgood was on the other side, surrounded by reporters. He was in a good mood until someone (uh, me) asked him what he remembered from 1998 West finals. He clearly wasn't in the mood for a Jamie Langenbrunner flashback.
More coming later, including an hour-long sitdown with Detroit general manager Ken Holland.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

Now Accepting Nominations

I just received the following email from the head of the Duke AD Search Committee. With the most pertinent aspects highlighted in italics. In order to get our Dude Committee+Big Daddy candidacy before the committee, we need some sort of a combined c.v. Not to toot our own horn, but we tout: (1) connection to the university; (2) racial and ethnic diversity; (3) commitment to non-revenue sports; (4) legal training; (5) an educator's training; and (6) casino management (wait, is that helpful?). What else could Duke possibly ask for??


Dear [Dude],

As recently announced by President Richard Brodhead, a search committee has been formed to identify outstanding candidates for the position of Director of Athletics. I accepted the President's invitation to chair this committee because I know the vital role Athletics plays in the life of the university. Vice President and University Secretary Richard Riddell is committee vice-chair and serving with us are: trustees Carol (Cookie) Kohn, John Mack, and Clarence G. Newsome; faculty James Coleman and Kathleen Smith; members of the athletic department Jon Jackson and Kerstin Kimel; alumni Kip Frey and Sue Harnett; and university administrator Tallman Trask. The committee's charge is to present to the President a short list of highly qualified candidates.

As the search committee begins its review of candidates' credentials, we must clearly define Duke's needs and determine the type of leader who is best suited to help us achieve our goals. I write now to ask you to share your thoughts about the challenges and opportunities that you believe Duke Athletics will face in the coming decade. We also encourage your suggestions about specific qualifications you believe candidates should have for dealing with the challenges ahead.

The committee will conduct a comprehensive national search to identify a diverse pool of outstanding candidates. We welcome your thoughts about individuals who are well qualified to fill this important position, because we know that our best sources of nominations are those who are closest to the University. Nominations should, when possible, be accompanied by a profile or curriculum vitae. In order to meet our timetables, we ask that you respond by May 15th. Your correspondence, which will be held in the strictest confidence, should be sent to or the following address:

Director of Athletics Search Committee Box 90030Durham , NC 27708-0030

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the search committee.

Roy J. Bostock '62, Trustee Emeritus

High Drama in Big D

I don't know if any Dudes besides me are still awake to see it - and since I work third shift, I'm in it for the duration - but the Stars, trying not to blow what once was a 3-0 series lead, are headed to a fourth OT in Game 6 with the Sharks.

You've got to hand it to the Dallas fans, as it doesn't look like any of them have left. Plenty of towels still waving in the third OT too.

Head Dude, I can't book a flight until I know the Wings are actually going to be playing the Stars!

Update: Morrow wins it in the 4th OT! Now get the conference schedule finalized NHL!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cragg for AD? Seriously?

When I saw Cragg mentioned among a list of candidates to be Duke's new AD I didn't think much of it, but apparently he's trying to get the job (from the Seattle Times). Um, yeah, this isn't necessarily what you would call a change from Alleva. But I'm sure he has K's support.

Cragg out of AD hunt, Moos not contacted
Mike Cragg, a 1986 graduate of Washington who is an associate athletic director at Duke, said Friday he will not be a candidate for the Huskies' vacant athletic-director job.
Cragg said he is instead focusing his energies on attempting to become the new AD at Duke, where he has worked since 1987. That job is open after Joe Alleva recently left to take the same position at LSU.
Cragg, a native of Yakima, applied for the UW job in 2004 and had said in December he would like to be considered this time. But now, with the Duke opening, he said "the timing is just not right" to jump into the mix at UW.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Clemens Saga

I thought about this the other day with the recent revelations concerning a country singer I've never heard of, a real estate agent in Arizona, and the former wife of John Daly - but has any athlete fallen faster and harder from grace than Roger Clemens. He's gone from a sure fire first-ballot HoFer in the running for the greatest pitcher of all time to a lying cheater and philanderer. It's hard to imagine that he played for two Dude teams, yet has wound up, as I would imagine, as one of the more despised baseball players among the Dude Committee.

Magic Number at 1 ... and another Plumlee is coming

It's safe to say the Wings will be heavy favorites assuming Dallas finishes off San Jose, and last night's drubbing of the Avs only enhanced Detroit's reputation. But we'll still have the ghosts of Darcy Wakaluk and Bob Bassen on our side!

In other news, Stanford and Johnny Dawkins' loss is Duke's gain ... a big man is coming to Duke next year, and a seemingly pretty good one at that. The fact we'll have two 6-10 white dudes named Plumlee in 2009 may not excite the masses just yet, but when you're lacking any interior depth, we'll happily take it!